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The World's First Futa 03 – Futa's Big Surprise 2: Futa's First Fertile Hot Wife

2022-10-19 00:21:31

The World's First Futa – Futa's Big Surprise

Chapter Two: Futa's First Fertile Hot Wife

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

April 17th, 2047

“So, you were initially shocked and shaken by learning that women you had sex with, despite them being on birth control, were becoming pregnant,” Adelia, the caramel-skinned talk show host, said. “You clearly accept and embrace the fact now, but how did you get to that point were you found it...?”

“Hot?” I asked, an amused smile playing on my lips, my clit-dick aching so hard beneath my skirt while my pussy felt so molten and juice. I needed to cum so badly. Talking about my life as the world's first futa was so exhilarating.

A chuckle rippled through the studio audience. I could feel them, behind the protective barrier and the blinding stage lights. They women lusted for me while my futanari daughters ached to get to know me.

I just had so many of them.

“Yes, hot,” Adelia said. “How did that happen?”

“Well, I did a lot of... soul-searching.”

Adelia leaned forward, rustling her dress, her nipples hard against the material. She asked in a husky voice, “And is that code for pussy?”

I grinned. “Basically. It was the next day that I really understood just what I did to women. Why they all wanted to fuck me. It wasn't just the pleasure. No, they... instinctively ached for my cum. I was lying in my dorm room...”


November 16th, 2017

“These are the last two pregnancy tests at Bartell Drugs. Walgreens was an utter bust.” Dona walked into my dorm room, holding the two boxes in hand. She wore a tight pair of jeans and a tank top, her short, brown hair waved across her face. She tossed one of the pink containers to the other girl in the room.

Blonde Tiffany caught it. She sat on her boyfriend's lap. She looked over her shoulder at Chris, a nerdy guy, and said, “Well, shall we find out if Becky bred me?”

“Maybe Chris bred you,” I pointed out.

She shook her head, blonde curls dancing. “Come on, Becky, I'm on the pill. It's your sperm that bred me if I'm pregnant.”

“Oh, yes,” Chris groaned as his naked girlfriend rose from him, her round breasts swaying, her thighs coated in a dripping cum, a mix of mine and her boyfriend's. His much smaller cock lay limp and wet on his thigh.

He enjoyed my sloppy seconds. The guy had a serious hardon for futas. He was jerking off to them before I grew a clit-dick a month-and-a-half ago.

“You gonna be mad if she bred me?” Dona asked her boyfriend, Kurt.

Kurt, my own ex and only guy I'd ever dated or had sex with, shook his head. He sat beside me on my bed wearing only a pair of jeans, his body strong and muscular. I used to like that about him until he turned me into a futa somehow.

I had no idea how he did that.

“Okay,” Dona said. “Shall we, Tiffany?”

The blonde nodded her hair and the pair walked out of my small room. The dorms at the University of Washington were singles on this floor, but we didn't have a bathroom but a communal one down the hallway. I'd fucked every girl on this floor. I bet I bred them all.

“It's going to come back positive,” I groaned, leaning back. “I'm too young to be a mother.”

“You always wanted kids,” Kurt said, glancing at my naked body, my breasts pillowed before me, my limp cock lying on my stomach. Even soft, I was bigger than Kurt or Chris.

“Yeah, with my... my spouse.” I almost said “you.” Once, I thought Chris and I would marry. That we would make a family together. “Not with every random girl I fuck.”

“So I guess my sister's going to be pregnant,” Kurt said.

A guilty twinge shot through me. I'd fucked more than his step-sister. I'd also been with his mother. They both were pregnant. They came to my dorm last night and told me after we had a hot, taboo threesome. She was pregnant and it was impossible for Kurt's step-dad to be the father since he had a vasectomy.

“Not just your sister,” I said, realizing I just had to bite the bullet. “Your Mom, too.”

He frowned at me. “My... Mom... You...?”

I nodded my head. “She came home right after you went to bed that night.” His eyes flicked to my girl-dick then away. “And, well, she's a woman.”

“Jesus,” he groaned. “You're going to be the mother of my... my half... What? Will you only have daughters? Will they be futas like you? Or normal?”

“I don't know,” I said, shaking my head.

He stood up and walked over to the wall, leaning against it.

“I'm sorry. I didn't want to fuck her, but... She just leaped at me. You know how it is.”

“Yeah,” he said, voice tight.

I felt so miserable. I rubbed my hands across my face then heard a chair creak. Chris sat in the room, looking like he wanted to melt away. I squeezed my eyes shut. This was all so messed up. Just when I was getting used to this.

“I need start wearing condoms or something,” I muttered.

“Do they make condoms in your size?” Chris asked.

“Magnums? I have to try.”

“Well, you don't have to wear them with the pregnant girls,” Kurt said. “Like my mom.”

I winced.

“And Jesus, what's Dad going to do? I like the guy. He's a great man. Makes my mom happy. Do you think he'll be happy about this?”

“Probably not.” I looked down at my cock. “I'm sorry, Kurt. I am.”

He let out a long sigh. “No, no, it's not really your fault. My mom... wanted to have sex with you. I bet she's thrilled you bred her.”

“Yeah. So's your sister and—”

“I'm pregnant!” Tiffany screeched as she burst into the room and threw herself on her boyfriend's naked lap. “Chris, Chris, the futa bred me! Isn't that so hot?”

“Oh, yeah!” Chris groaned, grabbing her ass.

“Oooh, are you getting hard?” she cooed. “Is my naughty nerd turned on feeling my futa-bred pussy rubbing on his little cock.”

“So hard,” he groaned.

“Well, he's into it,” I said as Tiffany ground her pussy on his dick. My own girl-cock swelled hard, watching Tiffany writhe on him. It was such a... a naughty sight. I bred her. I gave her and Chris this joy.

Dona sauntered in next, her clothes held in a bundle beneath her arms, her body naked. Her small breasts jiggled, topped by hard, pale-pink nipples. She had a landing strip of brown hair leading down to her pussy.

“Well?” I asked as she dropped her clothing and heading right for me.

She mounted the bed and straddled me, rubbing her juicy cunt against me as she held the pregnancy test in her hand. She turned it around, showing off the pink line through the display screen. She slid her pussy faster and faster, smearing her cream up and down my shaft.

“One line is pregnant?” I asked.

She nodded her head.

I shuddered, her pussy feeling so delicious on my dick. It ached and throbbed, swelling harder and harder beneath her. She slid up until she rubbed right on the tip. My futa-cock ached and throbbed. I groaned, my round breasts jiggling. I shifted my head, my golden curls brushing my cheek.

“Damn,” I groaned.

“I know. It makes you so hard, doesn't it?” she purred. Then she looked over her shoulder. “And you, honey? Does it make you hard?”

“Yeah,” Kurt groaned, rubbing at his crotch. “She bred my step-sister.”

Dona's face tightened for a second. Then she let out a whimpering moan. “Mmm, this cock bred me. I never wanted to have kids, but...” She slid her pussy down my cock, swallowing more and more of my girth. Her silky flesh caressed me, sending delight shooting down to my cunt. “But this feel so right. I think... I think I wanted this. I wanted to have your child, Becky.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Tiffany moaned nearby, bouncing on Chris's cock. “Enjoy my bred pussy, Chris!”

My hands cupped Dona's small tits, squeezing them as I groaned. It felt so wonderful inside her pussy. I could worry about the ramifications of breeding so many girls later. Right now... I just wanted to enjoy her cunt. To spurt in a pussy that I couldn't knock up.

Dona's back arched when she bottomed out on me. Her pussy clenched and relaxed on my dick. She whimpered out in delight, her eyes fluttering. Then she stirred her hips around my girth, sending flutters of delight through me.

I groaned. My hands squeezed her tits. My thumbs ran over her hard nipples. She let out a whimper of delight, her body shivering atop me. Her cunt clenched as her back arched. I groaned, loving the feel, embracing it.

Then she pumped her pussy up and down my cock. Her eyes fluttered. “Oh, Becky, I love your cock in my pregnant snatch.”

Her hands shot down to her flat stomach. The eighteen-year-old, the same age as me, stroked her flat belly. I shivered, my dick throbbing inside of her hot pussy. A pussy I bred. I groaned, my cunt clenching in utter delight.

It sent a thrill through me. My futa-semen had such virility they could knock up a woman on birth control. It didn't even seem to matter where in her cycle she was. I grinned, thrusting up my hips, slamming my girl-dick deep into her cunt as she slammed down me. My bed springs rasped as her pussy clenched about me.

“Oh, yes, Becky,” she moaned. “You bred me. You put a baby in my belly! Oh, that's so hot!”

“Uh-huh!” I groaned, my eyes rolling back in my head.

“Yeah, it kinda is,” Kurt groaned. “You bred my step-sister.”

Dona's pussy clenched down on my girl-dick. She whimpered and groaned, her pussy sliding faster and faster up and down my dick. Pleasure rippled through my body. It electrified my flesh. I savored it. I drank it in as her pregnant snatch caressed me.

My own twat grew so hot and wet. Juices leaked out of me, dribbling down my butt-cheeks to soak the bed beneath me. My toes curled as I squeezed her tits. I massaged her nipples with my thumbs, loving the hard feel of her pale-pink nubs.

“Oh, god, Becky,” she groaned. “Oh, yes, yes, yes! I love it! Cum in my pregnant pussy!”

“Ooh, yes, do that, Chris!” Tiffany howled. “Cum in me! Spurt your little sperm into my already bred snatch! A futa bred me! Becky! Becky's amazing cock knocked me up!”

“Yes!” Chris groaned.

My pussy clenched. My ovaries suddenly boiled over. My cum was so much more powerful than a guy's. Than Chris's or Kurt's. I was more virile than my own ex-boyfriend. I cried out as my orgasm erupted in the depths of my snatch.

Futa-jizz fired into Dona's pussy. Her eyes widened as she felt my cum splash into the depths of her cunt. She slammed down my cock, taking me to the hilt in her pregnant twat. Her head threw back, her tits jiggling in my hands.

“Becky!” she groaned as she came.

“Yes!” I moaned, loving the feel of her bred snatch spasming about my dick. “You want more of my fertile seed in you?”

“So much more!” she howled. “Fill me to the brim with it! Oh, yes yes, yes!”

She licked her lips, her eyes smoldering. “Oh, yes, Dona! Take it all!”

Stars burst across my vision as my powerful orgasm spilled through me fast and hot. It hit me hard. I quivered on the bed, my round breasts jiggling. I whimpered out in delight. My toes curled. And then I collapsed in a panting heap. She stirred her pussy about me, working out those last drops of my spunk.

“Mmm, Becky, I needed that,” she said.

“Yeah,” I groaned, my eyes fluttering. She rolled off of me, my dick coming out with a wet plop. She landed on her back, quivering, rubbing her stomach.

“Janice.” Kurt moaned his step-sister's name, eyes closed as he fisted his cock hard. His cum spurted a few tiny blasts.

I frowned at him. Was he still hung up on his step-sister? He had enjoyed our threesome with her, but Janice had found it more fun to enjoy her step-mother, Kurt's mom, than him.

“Ooh, Chris, we're going to have a baby to raise together,” Tiffany whispered. “A futa's baby.”

“Uh-huh,” he groaned.

I shook my head. Chris would want that. But would Kurt's step-dad? Would the other men whose girlfriends and wives I'd fucked?

I rolled to my feet. “I'm going out to buy some condoms.”

“Oh, don't do that,” Dona moaned. “You got to spread that seed.”

“Mmm,” Tiffany whimpered, cuddling on Chris's lap, their foreheads pressed together. They shared a cute kiss as I pulled out a pair of panties. I was buying larger sizes, giving me more room to fit my cock in them. They still weren't perfect, but I just didn't want to settle on wearing boy's underwear. I was still a girl.

True, I was a girl with a huge cock.

Kurt and Dona slipped out, the pair talking heatedly. Dona didn't seen happy that he moaned Janice's name jerking off. I sighed, not much I could do about that. I just made girls super horny, I couldn't make them like a guy. I didn't bother with a bra and pulled on a sweater and a skirt. I grabbed my jacket on the way out, the morning looking gray and misty.

Seattle's dreary season, lasting from mid-October to early April, had begun.

I rushed through the hallway. I'd worked my way through all the girls in the dorm building, so I didn't have to worry about overwhelming any of them with my presence. They still wanted to have sex with me, but they weren't consumed by that need to feel my cock spurting cum into their pussies.

They grinned at me. A few brandished pregnancy tests with pink lines on them. I groaned. How many kids would I have? I was eighteen. I couldn't possibly support any of them. I was a college student. I didn't even have a job.

“I hope I'm bred, Becky,” Shreya called out, an Indian girl with a big smile. “They were out of pregnancy tests, but I missed my period.”

“Okay,” I said.

“Ooh, I hope I am, too,” a black-haired girl named Kelsie purred, her blue eyes flashing. “It's only been two weeks since my period, but we did have sex right after it ended. So I have my fingers crossed.”

“You want to be bred?” I asked, frowning at that, my dick twitching.

“Of course. I mean... You're the futa.”

I reached the elevator and rode it down, my thoughts struggling to work. I needed coffee. Like any good Seattleite, I couldn't function right in the morning without my java fix. The elevator reached the lobby. I hurried out of it and into the cold morning. It attacked my legs while fog billowed about the campus.

I wished I put on some leggings.

I walked faster, the brisk pace driving back some of the chill. I headed to my favorite coffee house two blocks from campus. The Black Drip Coffee House had a rich brew, roasted in house, and far better than that swill at Starbucks.

Plus, I had fucked all the baristas that worked there over the last month so I didn't have to worry about... incidents and—

I almost tripped as I neared it. I had to tell the baristas that I might have bred them. I took a deep breath and headed inside. The rich aroma washed over me. A few college students sat around the room, working on their laptops. Two girls looked up at me, smiling in that knowing way. I frowned, struggling to remember if I had sex with them.

I think so. I was fucking so many girls though. It was hard to remember. But they weren't mobbing me.

Then one held up a pregnancy test and beamed at me.

I didn't know what to say. I just gave her a weak smile and rushed to the line, standing behind a couple, a man in a long, black trench coat, the type an office worker would wear, the woman in a similar coat, though hers was beige. She had her arm hooked around his. From behind, they looked in their late twenties, a young couple.

The woman shuddered.

My dick throbbed. I should have bought condoms first.

“What can I get for you?” Maya, the barista at the counter, asked the couple before me.

“Um, I'll take a double-shot latte, large,” the guy said. “With whole milk.”

Maya nodded her head. “And you, ma'am?”

The woman didn't answer. Instead, she was looking around the store and behind the counter, her light-brown, curly hair sweeping about her shoulders, dancing on the beige cloth of her trench coat. She squeezed tighter to her husband. I caught a glimpse of rosy cheeks, her long lashes fluttering.

“And for you, ma'am?” Maya repeated. “Ma'am?”

“Evette?” the guy said, nudging her in the sight with his elbow. “Honey?”

“Hmm,” she said. “Oh, right, I'll have a peppermint latte, medium, with skim milk and no whipped cream.”

“Okay,” Maya said, ringing it up. She quoted a price and the guy payed while Evette kept looking around, searching for me.

My cock swelled hard in my panties, a noticeable bulge forming in the front of my violet skirt. I rubbed my hands on the fabric, my nipples hard against the fuzzy material of my darker purpler sweater.

“Oh, hi, Becky,” Maya said, a bright smile growing on her lips. “Your usual?”

“Make it a triple shot,” I said. “I really need it.”

“Long night?” She arched her plucked-thin eyebrows, her blue eyes sparkling.

“You have no idea,” I said as she rang me up.

I felt eyes on me. The woman, Evette, quivered nearby at the pickup counter. She stared at me, her tongue flicking over her lips. My dick throbbed even harder. She wanted my cock in her. But I would knock her up. She groaned and squirmed, the diamond on her wedding ring glinting. She was melting into a hot puddle right beside her husband. Her dark eyes sparkled.

“Mmm, look at her, Brendan,” she purred. “Isn't she cute?”

“Huh?” her husband, Brendan, asked. He glanced at me and adjusted his glasses with his free hand. His blue eyes flicked over me. “I guess.” He gave his wife a strange look.

“Mmm, she's just yummy. There is just something about her.” The woman wiggled her hips and licked her lips. “Just vital.”

Brendan frowned then his eyes widened as he stared at my skirt. I knew he was seeing the bulge. Had his wife noticed? My dick throbbed harder and harder. His wife was so sexy. She had these dark, bedroom eyes and long lashes that just made my pussy clench.

“Well, the bathroom is always free for your pleasure,” Maya purred softly. “Enjoy her.”

I glanced at the barista. “I shouldn't.”

“Because you'll knock her up?” Maya asked, arching those narrow eyebrows.

I winced. “You've heard?”

She pattered her stomach. “I hope it's true. So does Topaz.”

Topaz was the barista making the couple's drinks, a saucy minx with plump, cock-sucking lips.

I paid and then moved away from the counter, letting a guy step up to order his drinks. Evette kept staring at me like a hungry cougar while she clung to her husband. She'd fuck me even if it meant ruining her marriage. She'd ride me right here in the middle of the coffee house. I recognized that look in her eyes.

I really, really should have bought condoms first.

“Why are you so exciting?” Evette purred as she turned around to face me. She pulled her husband with her.

“Honey,” Brendan groaned, “what are you saying?”

“There's something about her,” Evette said, her dark eyes flicking up and down my body. My nipples throbbed beneath my sweater. Then she fell on my skirt. “Is it that? Is that why I'm so excited?”

“Honey,” Brendan groaned again, “come on, you're making a scene. Don't be transphobic.”

“No, no, that's what's making her horny,” I said, seeing no point in delaying the inevitable. I could feel the people in the coffee house staring at me. “It's my futa-cock that's making your pussy wet.”

Brendan's face furrowed. “Futa... cock?”

“Why?” Evette broke away from her husband to stand right before me. Beneath her beige trench coat she wore a sky-blue, silk blouse, the top few buttons undone. She had a pearl necklace about her throat.

That excited me for some reason.

“Why am I so turned on? Why do I want to fuck you?” She bounced on her feet, her tits jiggling beneath her silk blouse.”

“Because you want to feel my futa-cum spurting into your cunt,” I told her, grabbing my skirt and lifting it up over my panties, revealing my clit-dick stretching out my panties. The tip peeked out the waistband, twitching with my heartbeat. “You want to be bred by my futa-cum.” I had to warn her. “That's what will happen when I fuck you. Every girl and woman gets pregnant. Doesn't matter if you're on birth control.

“That's why you're so wet.” My excitement mounted. The words spilled out of me. “Your slutty, married cunt wants my dick to breed you!”

“Oh, god, yes!” she moaned, her dark eyes widening in excitement. She quivered. “That's it. That's what I want. I want your cum in me. Oh, honey, do you hear that? She can breed me.”

“Yeah,” her husband answered, his voice strangled. “Jesus, Evette.”

I could hear how angry he was as I shoved down my panties further, baring my cock. I knew I shouldn't do this. I shouldn't be flashing my cock at her. I was encouraging her. I was fanning her lusts while her husband stood right there. I would destroy their marriage.

But my cock didn't care. My futa-dick just ached and throbbed while my pussy grew hotter and hotter. The hot wife grasped my shaft, her fingers so delicate and warm. She gripped me and stroked up and down my shaft.

“Oh, honey, this cock is what we've been looking for,” the woman moaned, her voice so throaty. “She can breed me. We can have a baby!”

“Yes!” Brendan groaned, moving up behind his wife and grabbing her shoulders. Not to pull her away like I expected, but to hold her in a supportive fashion. He leaned over her and stared down at his wife stroking her hands up and down my shaft.

“What?” I blinked, shocked by this turn of events. “Wait, wait, she's going to get pregnant if I fuck her, and you're okay with that?”

“Uh-huh,” he groaned, squeezing his hands. “We've tried, but my wife and I are having so many problems conceiving. We want a child so much and... And... Will you fuck my wife and breed her?”

What was going on? What type of pheromones did I produce? This guy was begging me to fuck his wife. To breed her.

Oh, god, I had to breed her.

“Yes, yes, tell me you'll fuck me,” the hot wife moaned, stroking my dick right in the middle of the coffee shop. “Please.”

Just past them, I saw Maya grinning at me. She cocked her head to the side, motioning to the bathroom. Then she gave me a wink and mouthed, “Enjoy.”

“Yes, yes, I'll breed you!” I moaned. “In the bathroom. I'll fuck your married cunt. I'll pump your snatch so full of my cum. It'll pour out of you.”

“Yes!” her wimpy husband groaned.

He was so eager for this. He was worse than Chris. At least that nerd already had a thing for futas. It was clear Brendan and his wife had never heard of the Japanese fetish. Her hand tightened on my dick then she led me across the cafe.

“Enjoy her, Becky,” one of the coeds sitting at the table said.

“She's cute!” the other said.

“Mmm, yes. And her husband is, too.”

The second giggled. “No, he's not. He's a wimpy cuckold. He's following after his wife like a puppy eager to watch her get fucked.”

“I know,” the first sighed. “I need a boyfriend that can watch Becky fuck me.”

My dick twitched and throbbed as I glanced at the eager look on Brendan's face. His blue eyes smoldered behind his glasses. He licked his lips and rubbed his hands on his dark-blue slacks. His wife just let out purring moans of delight as she led me to the bathroom.

She threw the door open into the wide, single-occupancy restroom. It had a lemony freshness about it, just cleaned, and everything sparkled. I shuddered the moment we walked in. Evette fell to her knees before me.

She engulfed my cock.

I shuddered as the hot wife sucked my dick right before her husband. He watched her, licking his lips. His wife moaned with such whorish abandon. She bobbed her mouth on my shaft, her tongue swirling, teasing me, driving me wild.

My cunt clenched. The pleasure shot up through my body. I let out a whimper, my breasts rising and falling in my sweater. The hot wife's tongue dance about my shaft, stimulating it. Feeling his eyes on me was so hot.

“Does your wife ever suck your dick with that much enthusiasm?” I asked.

“No,” he groaned as he slipped out of his trench coat. He dropped it to the floor, wearing a suit jacket that matched his pants beneath, a white shirt and red tie finishing off his outfit. “Geez, Evette, you are turned on.”

She moaned about my cock.

He squeezed his dick through his pants as he watched his wife love my dick. The married woman bobbed her mouth, taking as much of my cock into her oral cavity as she could. Her hands gripped my thighs, sliding up and down them, her silky grip so delicious.

“Ooh, I'm going to cum down her throat before I breed her,” I panted. “Does she swallow your cum?”

He shook his head.

“She'll swallow mine.”

“Uh-huh,” he groaned, groping himself as he watched his wife love me.

I shuddered, my ovaries swelling and growing tight inside of me. I sucked in a deep breath, my heart pounding in my chest. I sucked in a deep breath, her mouth so hungry on my dick. Her fingers tightened about my thighs, fingernails biting into my flesh as she moaned again.

She sucked and slurped. She made such obscene sounds. They echoed through the bathroom, mixing with my sighs and his groans. He couldn't take his eyes off his wife loving my dick. She worshiped it like she'd never experienced anything so amazing in her life.

“Ooh, yes, yes, yes, your wife's my whore right now,” I groaned, my voice echoing off the tiled walls.

“Yes!” he groaned.

“My little slut.” I stared down at Evette, her dark eyes shining back up at me. “I want you fingering my twat, too. I'm a futa. I have a pussy that needs loving, whore.”

She moaned and moved her right hand. I gasped as she ran her fingers through my blonde bush and found the wet lips of my pussy. She stimulated me, caressing the folds of my cunt. I whimpered as the pleasure rippled through me.

“Just like that,” I moaned. “Oh, Brendan, you're wife is such a whore. She's so eager to worship me.”

“Uh-huh,” he groaned. His zipper rasped. He produced his little cock. It appeared so small compared to my huge girth. He fisted it as he watched his wife love my dick. “Oh, honey, make her cum. You're just so hot for her. I've never turned you on this much.”

God, this was so hot.

The pleasure rushed through me. Just feeling his eyes watching his wife sucked my dick brought my ovaries to a hot boil. It combined with the amazing suction engulfing my futa-cock, that wonderful hot, wet mouth working up and down my girl-shaft.

My spunk ached to explode out of me.

Then I gasped as two fingers wiggled into my cunt. Evette moaned about my dick as she fingered my pussy. She pumped them in and out of me. I trembled, my snatch clenching down on her probing digits, increasing my pleasure.

“Brendan!” I groaned. “I'm going to... I'm going to cum in your wife's mouth!”

“Yes!” he groaned, stroking his dick faster. “Cum in my wife's mouth. Flood her. Give her what she needs.”

“God, you're a pathetic cuckold!” I moaned, throwing back my head.

“Uh-huh! It's just so hot to watch!”

His wife sucked so hard.

Her fingers plunged so deep into my cunt.

Stimulation assaulted me. My eyes fluttered. My ovaries tightened. And then they boiled over. My cum fired into her mouth. I shuddered, my pussy convulsing about her digits plunging in and out of my snatch. I whimpered, my breasts quivering beneath my sweater.

My nipples rasped against the sweater, sending delight mixing in with the rapture shooting out of my dick and pussy. I moaned, blonde hair caressing my shoulders as my entire body shook. Every blast of cum into her hungry mouth made me ache.

“Oh, god, yes,” I groaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, she drank it all down.”

The hot wife's mouth popped off my dick. “I did, honey. I swallowed every drop of her jizz.”

I looked at Brendan fisting his little cock, shaking my head. How could he be turned on by this? “You want me to breed your wife?”

“Yes!” he groaned “Breed her with your futa-cock!” His face twisted. He looked on the verge of cumming.

“Then stop jerking off your little dick and strip your wife naked so I can fuck her and breed her married cunt!”

“Yes!” he groaned and stopped. He lunged at his wife as she rose, tottering on her heels. Her face looked flushed and dazed. Her tongue swept out, gathering the cum that had leaked out the corners of her mouth.

My fertile cum.

Brendan pulled off his wife's trench coat, folded it up, and set it down on the floor. Her smoldering eyes fixed on my futa-dick as her husband unbuttoned her blouse. The wimpy cuckold drew that off her shoulders before moving around behind her to unhook her bra.

I smiled at the unveiling of Evette's round breasts jiggling into sight, her nipples pink and hard. I pinched them, rolling them between my fingers, making her shudder and whimper in delight. Her eyes smoldered, her smile growing.

“Mmm, yes, honey, get me naked so she can breed me!” she moaned. Her tongue flicked across her lips. “Your cum tasted amazing. Brendan's is too salty. I have to spit it out. But yours... Oh, I could guzzle it down day and night.”

I grinned at her and twisted her nipple.

She gasped, her hips swaying as her husband knelt behind her and drew down her pencil skirt. It slipped over her curvy waist and down her thighs. I loved her cream colored panties. The crotch was opaque but the fabric going around her hips was translucent, her skin bleeding through. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and drew them down.

A curly, light-brown bush spilled into view, her silky strands sprang out, no loner compressed. Dew beaded her lower curls hiding her married pussy. The pussy that I would breed. My dick twitched and throbbed. I let out a wanton moan as she stepped out of them.

“She's so wet,” groaned Brendan. He shoved his wife's panties into his face, breathing in her musk. “Oh, wow, honey, you want this bad.”

“So bad,” she moaned. “I want to be bred and... and I just want to feel that monster dick in me! Her girl-cock!” She popped her wet fingers, soaked by my juices, into her mouth and sucked my sweet cream off of them.

“Then get down on your knees,” I moaned, stroking my girl-dick fast. “And I'll pound you so hard.”

She whimpered in utter delight. She knelt on her husband's trench coat, wiggling her ass at me. He fell to his knees before her, still rubbing her panties on his face while he jerked off his little dick with his other hand. His wife wiggled her hips at me, beckoning.

I fell to my knees behind her. My dick smacked her rump, the sound echoing through the room. Then I drew the tip of my dick across her curvy ass and down to her taint, her silky pubic hair caressing me. I shivered, moving lower, until I felt the wet entrance to her pussy.

“Beg me to breed your wife,” I hissed at him.

“Do it!” he groaned into her panties. “Breed my wife! Knock her up! Fuck her with that huge dick and make her cum!”

“I'll cum so hard on her huge cock, honey!” she moaned. “I want it so badly.”

I thrust into her married depths.

Her hot, silky folds engulfed me. We both groaned as I spread her sheath open. The friction surged around my cock. Such heat flowed into my pussy and then spread through my body. My tits jiggled beneath my sweater. I whimpered, savoring being in her pussy.

Her fertile pussy.

I would breed her. I would pump my cum into her snatch and knock her up. She would have my child. A shot shudder ran through me, driving me to pound her married cunt as hard as I could. I licked my lips and then fucked into her so hard.

I pounded her with every ounce of force I had. I slammed my girl-dick to the hilt into her cunt over and over again. I stirred her up, reveling in the hot grip of her snatch. She moaned and gasped, wiggling her hips, stirring that married twat around my dick.

“Breed my wife,” the wimpy cuckold groaned, jerking off his dick so hard. “Yes, yes, just explode into her.”

“Uh-huh,” I grunted, my hips thrusting harder and harder. My tits bounced beneath my sweater, nipples stimulated by the fabric. Lightning shot down to my pussy. Juices flooded out of my clenching hole. “I'm going to pump so much cum into your slut-wife's cunt!”

“Yes!” Evette moaned, bucking back into me. “Oh, honey, she's going to plant a baby in me. Her baby!”

“Yes,” he whimpered, fisting his dick so hard. He pressed his wife's panties tight against his face, smearing her cream against his mouth.

God, he was pathetic. It made my dick twitch. My pussy boiled. I pounded his wife's snatch so fast, so hard. I had to erupt into her. I had to spill my cum into her. I had to baste her cunt in every drop of fertile spunk I had. I wanted her swimming in my jizz.

I ached to breed her. I ached to give her this spunk. She wanted it so badly. Her pussy sucked at it. Her hot snatch clenched and relaxed on it. My heart thudded in my chest. My tits heaved and bounced as I thrust harder and harder. The slap of flesh echoed through the bathroom.

My ovaries came closer and closer to erupting.

“Breed me!” she hissed, slamming back into me. “Fire that cum into my pussy and knock me up while my husband watches!”

“You're little cuckold?” I demanded.

“Yes!” Her pussy squeezed down hard on my thrusting clit-dick. The pleasure surged through me, the friction increasing. “You're my little cuckold, Brendan!”

She came.

Her pussy spasmed about my plunging futa-cock. I gasped, my eyes widening as the rapture flowed down my dick and washed through my pussy. My ovaries drank it in while my shaft savored being in her massaging depths.

“You're my little cuckold, honey!” Evette howled as her body bucked. “I'm cumming so hard on her dick, honey! So hard! It's incredible.”

“Oh, god,” he whimpered. “Yes, yes, you're giving my wife such pleasure! Please, please, you have to breed her!”

“Breed my pussy!”

Her cunt spasmed harder about me. The rapture engulfed my awareness. I threw back my head and screamed out in ecstasy. My ovaries erupted. Cum rushed down my clit-dick and spurted into her fertile depths. Pleasure pulsed through my body. Waves of bliss washed out of my spasming snatch.

I bred her pussy.

That thought ran over and over in my rapture-soaked mind as my dick kept erupting. The pleasure kept spurting out of me. I shuddered, my eyes fluttering. Waves of darkness washed out of my body as I heaved in ecstasy.

“Yes!” he moaned, his dick spurting a few weak blasts of cum. “You're breeding my wife!”

“She is, honey!” Evette moaned, her pussy wringing every drop of spunk out of my futa-cock. “I just know it. She bred me!”

Then she collapsed forward, her pussy popping off my dick. Her husband scooped her up. The pair melted together, kissing with such gentle love while my cum leaked out of her pussy. Her pink snatch gaped open from my girth.

I shivered, shaking my head. Did every woman want me to breed them? This couple wanted a child and leaped at the opportunity. But what about others? Mrs. Anderson and her husband didn't want kids, content with the child they each brought from their previous marriages. And now she was pregnant with my child.

On the other hand, all the coeds seemed happy, too.

I shook my head, so confused. I pulled up my panties and left Evette and her cuckold kissing. I paid for my coffee, sipping it as I stumbled out of the cafe in a daze. Before I knew it, I was at the Walgreens across the street staring at their condoms.

I grabbed a box of monster condoms, the largest size they had, frowning at it. Was this the right thing to do? It had to be. Evette was looking for a way to get pregnant, but the other girls needed at least the option. A choice.

I grabbed it.

I felt weird as I walked up to the cash register with the condoms. I kept telling myself I was doing the right thing, but... It was so hot when I came in Evette's fertile depths. It felt amazing. Special. Evette had been so excited to be bred.

And so was her husband. He didn't have a single problem with it at all. He just... accepted it. In fact, I hadn't gotten flack from a single one of the boyfriends of the girls I'd fucked. I just chalked that up to the casual, hook-up culture that pervaded college campus. Most relationships didn't last more than a few weeks if they started at all.

Not much incentive to when you could just find someone on Tindr with a few swipe of the fingers.

“Lucky guy,” the male clerk (I choose his line for a reason) said after he rang up my condoms, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“They're for me,” I said, comfortable after a month and a half in the changes to my body. “My cock is just that big.”

He blinked at that. “You're her. Becky the futa!”


“Damn,” he said, nodding his head as I slipped my purchase into my pocket and left.

I walked back to my dorm, getting glances from girls that I must have fucked because they just waved or gave me suggestive licks of their tongues or inviting arches of their eyebrows. A few waved pregnancy tests at me, seeming content just to let me know I bred them.

None of them looked angry.

I felt at the condom box in my pocket. Did I really need them? Of course I did. I had to use them. If my sperm was this potent, I needed to rubber up. It just felt like such a waste to me. And guys claimed it just didn't feel as good.

It was why I started taking the new pill so when I started having sex with Kurt he didn't have to be bareback.


I recognized that voice. I turned and blinked as Mrs. Albertson hurried over to me, her husband moving after her. I took a deep breath, my heart thudding as the auburn-haired MILF approached, a big smile on her face. Her husband was a tall man with short, black hair peppered with gray.

I tensed as they reached me.

“Hi,” I said, trying to sound casual.

“She really has a cock?” Mr. Albertson asked, staring down at my skirt, his voice a deep rumble. He had Janice's eyes, or she had his eyes. And his ears, though they looked larger on him.


“And she really knocked you up?”

“She did, honey.”

“I have got to see that,” Mr. Albertson said, his face flushed. “I have to see your dick fuck my wife, Becky.”

My jaw dropped. And then my phone rang.


April 17th, 2047

“Wow,” Adelia said, her hands clasped tight together. “Not the reaction you expected from Mr. Albertson?”

“Not at all,” I said. “I've known him for years; I mean, at that point I'd dated his step-son for the last three years. I never thought he was the type of guy who'd be cool with someone else fucking his wife. Mrs. Albertson was equally shocked by her husband's actions, I could see it in her eyes, but she was also happy. She does love him.”

A tightness entered my throat. Mrs. Albertson was still alive, but her husband passed away two years ago. My gaze flicked to Sharron who hovered on the edges of the stage. My wife gave me a supportive smile, her blue eyes so loving.

I cleared my throat of the emotion. “Just hearing him ask me to fuck his wife while he watched made my cock ache. After Evette and her husband, I was eager for another taste of that thrill.”

“And then you had the phone call,” Adelia said. She leaned forward. “That must have been so important if you mentioned it now.”

My smile grew as I nodded my head. My futa-cock ached and throbbed beneath my skirt. I sooooo needed to cum. I would have to tell this next part of my life's story before a commercial break, denying myself that pleasure.

“It was a sorority. They had heard all about my cock's fertile powers.” I looked at the cameras. “They were all eager to be bred.”

To be continued...