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When Lisa was 18 years old her Aunt Suzy explained to her how powerful her gift was. Up until then she was walking around with power she didn’t even know she had and didn’t understand in the least how to use such power. Before I continue with this story, let me backup and start at the beginning.

Just after Lisa’s 18th birthday her Aunt Suzy came to live with them. Suzy’s husband had surprised everyone when out of the blue he announced he wanted a divorce. Since he was a prominent attorney with the most prestigious law firms in town, Suzy decided not to fight the divorce. It would only drive up the cost of their divorce and she would probably be offered a lower settle if she fought it. She decided to go for the standard non-contested divorce with a 50-50 split and no lengthy court battle.

While the divorce worked its way through the legal system, Aunt Suzy had no one to turn to except Lisa’s father. Lisa’s father is also Aunt Suzy’s own big brother. She grudgingly moved into her big brother’s spare bedroom to ride out the divorce, because her asshole husband immediately moved his girlfriend into their house.

Aunt Suzy was 28 years old and still gorgeous. Men had always flocked to her side ever since she graduated from high school. She was easily one of the most popular girls in college. Her dance card was always full. She had many, many suitors vying for her attention throughout her college years. However, for some bizarre reason Suzy only had eyes for the infamous Anthony Solomito; later to become Lisa’s Uncle Tony. Suzy was the typical prom queen that all guys sought and Tony was the typical bad boy that always attracted the nice girls who fantasized about being naughty. Suzy is just as gorgeous and sexy today as she was in college. That’s why no one could ever understand why Uncle Tony tossed her aside for an ordinary office secretary at his law firm.

Aunt Suzy is the most loving and easy-going person Lisa knows. Everyone adores her. Aunt Suzy told Lisa that she and Uncle Tony own a really large estate and her half of the sale would leave her well off. She also revealed that Tony had inherited a fortune when his parents were killed in a plane crash. Half of that money will be hers when the divorce is settled. She didn’t think she would have to worry about money the rest of her life. Aunt Suzy vowed to everyone she would never marry again. She said she intended to enjoy the new freedom of doing as she pleased. She didn’t need or want a man telling her how to live her life.

Lisa envied Suzy’s new-found independence. Suzy is eight years younger than her big brother, Tom, so there’s not much difference in Lisa and Suzy’s ages. They got along really well because Aunt Suzy treated Lisa like she was her little sister. They could easily pass for sisters because they were both slender blondes with blue eyes. She was also 5’ 8” like Lisa and they could easily fit into each other’s clothes. They quickly became so close, they could discuss anything. Lisa confessed her most secret feelings to Aunt Suzy. She knew Suzy would never betray her confidence.

On Lisa’s 19th birthday, Aunt Suzy described to her what it was like being an independent woman; a woman in-charge of her own life. Lisa had divulged to Aunt Suzy that boys wouldn’t leave her alone and she did not know how to handle their sexual advances. They tried to touch her all over and she was frightened at the way it made her feel. Sometimes she did want to be touched, but many times she didn’t. It depended on the boy and her mood at the time. She didn’t know how to control the situation and it confused her.

She also told her Aunt that when she comes home from school each afternoon, her next-door neighbor often makes it a point to speak to her as she walks up the drive between their two homes.

“He is an old man; probably 30 or 40 years old. He never really has anything important to say. He usually just stares at my breast as he rambles on about the weather or anything else that comes to mind. When I cut the grass that same old man always comes out to work in his own yard. I can feel his eyes on me the whole time. Sometimes I enjoy his attention, but most of the time I find it annoying.”

Aunt Suzy had to admit that Lisa did have a fabulous figure with deliciously large breast. Her slender 5’ 8” frame made her breasts even more noticeable. Aunt Suzy can understand why the men and boys take notice. Lisa acknowledged she had become aware that even grown men were paying closer attention to her when she entered her senior year of high school. She told her Aunt that even her own Dad, (Tom), began to look at her in a different way. She didn’t know why but she enjoyed the new way her Dad looked at her. She felt delightful warmth flow over her body when he looked at her. Her mother made her start wearing a robe when she wandered about the house in her sleepwear. Lisa’s Mom said it caused her Dad anguish when she flaunted her body in front of him. She had no idea what the hell her Mom was talking about. After all he is HER Dad, she thought to herself. He’s seen her in her pajamas since she was a toddler.

“Do you mind telling me how you dress when you cut the grass?” Aunt Suzy inquired.

“I always wear cut-off denim shorts and a white cotton T-shirt when I cut the grass. I never wear a bra because of the heat. By the time I finish cutting the grass I’m always soaking wet from head to toe. My T-shirt clings to my body and it appears as though I’m topless. I’m ashamed to admit it to you, but my nipples can usually be seen from down the block. Often the traffic on our street is so heavy one would think we lived on a major thoroughfare. My own Dad comes out and weeds the flowerbeds or trim the hedges when I cut the grass. It makes me feel awkward yet thrilled at the same when I notice my Dad’s cock swells in his pants when he watches me cut the grass. My girlfriends at school told me that guys get hard like that when they see something that excites them. He’s my DAD; I often wonder why it would excite him to see me like that? He used to give me a bath when I was younger.”

“Lisa, please tell me you are not that naïve,” Aunt Suzy remarked.

Lisa giggled and said, “No…I’m not really naïve, but at first I was. I can’t remember when it was that I began to notice all the high school boys were coming around quite often and striking up meaningless conversations. At first it was somewhat annoying, but soon I began to enjoy all their attention. They would offer to carry my books and some would bring little gifts that were nothing more than a justification to talk to me. My girlfriends all told me how lucky I was to have such amazing breasts. Up until then I hadn’t connected the attention from boys with my breasts. I soon noticed none of them looked me in the eyes. Their eyes always remained glued to my breasts the whole time they talked with me. I became self-conscious and I began to wear clothing that wasn’t so revealing. That didn’t help. They still flocked around me in droves.”

“Lisa, you are a beautiful young woman with a gorgeous body. Both men and boys are going to drool over you. You may as well get used to it, but more important you need to know how to control the men and boys that are drawn to you.”

Aunt Suzy offered to share things she had learned about men over the years. Lisa welcomed her guidance. Lisa’s training began the night Aunt Suzy took her to a popular night club in town to demonstrate how to attract and manipulate the opposite sex. Suzy’s coaching started as soon as they got out of the Taxi. They arrived in a Taxi because they planned to enjoy the buzz of alcohol and probably would be in no shape to drive home. Aunt Suzy assured Lisa that they would have unlimited offers for a ride home.

“Lisa don’t make direct eye contact with anyone but me until I say it’s okay”, Suzy stated as they entered one of the busiest watering holes in town. It was THE place to go if you wanted to make contact with young successful professionals.

“Why no eye contact?” Lisa asked.

“That will become obvious very shortly. You’ll understand momentarily. Just watch me and learn. Feel free to ask questions as we go.”

Suzy and Lisa found a table in a strategic location that offered a view of the whole night club and ordered drinks. They downed the first drink quickly then nursed the second. Aunt Suzy whispered the first drink was to relax them and the drinks to follow were reinforcement. Young men and women were gathered to do their mating dance in hopes of attracting a suitable partner. Suzy sipped her drink and began her training of Lisa.

“Men are hardwired”, Suzy tutored, “their brains are pre-programmed to respond to a woman in a very specific, biological way. They can’t help it. They get it from their cavemen ancestors. A man's sex organ is not in his pants, it's in his eyes and his mind. A man’s brain is in his pants. Men are visual creatures, plain and simple. Nature made them that way. It's how they operate. They will respond quickly and decisively to the slightest signal that a woman is interested in coupling. That’s one of the reasons I cautioned you about direct eye contact. Ask any man what happens when he walks in a new room, and five out of six will say something like, "I do an immediate scope and rank all the ladies in the vicinity. They are watching for the one that displays the greatest interest."

“How does that help me control their sexual advances?” Lisa asked.

“Sweetheart, you are in complete control right now. You just need to learn how to remain in control. What you do at this point will dictates how men will behave in your presences.”

“Why do you say that?”

“From this point on you decide if and when a man is allowed to invade your space. You get to pick who you want to approach you. You get to decide just what that man is allowed to do when in your presence.”

“And just how do I demonstrate this control?”

“…Body language!” She remarked.

“…Body language?” Lisa was confused. She knew nothing about body language. “And just how does body language help me control the situation?”

“The man’s body language tells you if he is interested. Your body language tells him if he should venture into your space and what he should expect if he does enter your personal space.”

“I feel like I’m in a college lecture right now Aunt Suzy. Most of this doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“I’ll try not to get too technical with you. Men are meant to be simple, right? Us ladies are supposed to be the complex ones. First of all you have to decide if you are looking for a mate or just a one-night stand. Physical attraction is the fundamental starting point of essentially any relationship, but if that is the only glue bonding the two of you together, it will quickly weaken and break apart. The flame may burn strongly, but briefly. There is no denying that someone’s looks are what initially draws us to them, but it’s difficult to spot a great personality from across the room. Many a fling was built on physical attraction alone, but how long can it last? Being confident is the key; being perfect is not. A strong purposeful walk, your head held high, direct eye contact, and a wide welcoming smile go a long way. The combination of the smile and eye contact subconsciously tells a man that you are approving of him as a potential mate. A SMILE is by far the easiest and simplest way to invite a man to come into your kingdom.”

“All that information is good to know, but right now I don’t seem to have any trouble getting them into my kingdom. I just don’t know how to control them once they enter my kingdom.”

“Lisa…so far you have been attracting young boys who don’t really understand the mating game. All they want to do is stick their cocks in a wet warm pussy and blow their wad. That may take care of THEIR needs, but what I want to teach you is how to make sure YOUR needs are met. I know all of this sounds fundamental, but we’ve to start with the basics and build on them.”

Lisa shook her head knowingly, but still didn’t fully comprehend what her Aunt was trying to teach her. She is reluctant to ask for clarification for fear Aunt Suzy will think she is too immature, but if she expects to learn, questions would be necessary.

“Aunt Suzy, I’m not sure I fully understand what you are saying. Can you break it down into simple terms I can comprehend?”

“I’m sorry Lisa. I’m probably making this more difficult than it should be. Let me see if I can put it into more general terms. Lisa have you ever heard of THE VAGINA RULE?”

Lisa shook her head no.

“THE VAGINA RULE simply means that whoever has the vagina, makes the RULES. You have a vagina and only you should choose who gets to experience the pleasures of your vagina. That’s is one of the big advantages of being a woman. Men have to beg and plead in order to get sex. A woman gets to pick and choose who she wants to have sex with. She gets to make the rules. That’s why I refer to your vagina as the GIFT.” Suzy asserted.

“I never really thought of it that way”, Lisa exclaimed.

“Men have gone to battle over the right to have access to a woman’s vagina. Some women have ruled Empires because they had a vagina that men wanted. Look at Cleopatra of Egypt, Nefertiti of Egypt, Olympia of Macedonia and Helen of Troy. They all understood the power of their vagina.”

“Aunt Suzy, all I want right now is to get laid. It will be my first time and I want to have sex with someone who actually knows what they are doing. I need someone who really understands the importance of taking a young woman’s virginity. They need to be experienced and gentle with me for my first time. I want my first time to have a positive erotic conclusion. How do I make that happen?”

“It sounds to me like you should‘ve had a big brother like mine. My big brother Tommy, your Dad, patiently answered all my adolescent questions, and eventually over a period of time we became very close. I could share anything with him. My deepest darkest secrets were safe with him.”

“Is that my Dad you are talking about?”

Suzy shook her head yes.

“Well…Dad has always been patient and understanding with me”, Lisa noted, “But I don’t think I would feel comfortable sharing my deepest, darkest secrets with him.”

“I think the alcohol is beginning to blur my better judgment and I probably shouldn’t tell you this; and if you ever mention it to anyone I will deny I ever told you.”

“Okay…I promise to never tell a soul.”

Suzy checked all around to make sure no unwelcome ears were in hearing range of their private conversation. When she was sure no one was near, she leaned in and whispered in Lisa’s ear.

“My big brother, Tommy, and I became SO close that after a lot of urging and nagging from me, he finally surrendered to my pleading and made tender love to me. He was my first and it was the most positive sexual experience I’ve ever had.”

Lisa was shocked and speechless for a full minute. After regaining her composure, she confronted her Aunt.

“Are you telling me that you had sex with YOUR own brother; MY father?” The shock in Lisa’s voice was apparent.


“Why would you tell me that?”

“He was my very first and it was the most beautiful thing I ever experienced.”

Lisa stared at her Aunt for what seem like an eternity and then said, “I probably shouldn’t admit it, but I would dearly love for my father to be my first. I just don’t know how to approach him about it. I can’t just walk up to him and say will you fuck me, Daddy? I can tell by the way he stares at me that he would welcome the opportunity to be my first lover. He can’t seem to stop his eyes from locking onto my tits and my ass when I walk into the room.”

“My God, girl…how long have you fantasized about fucking your Dad?”

“I’m not sure…probably ever since I first noticed him looking at me differently.”

“Well…I suppose at some point every young girl fantasizes about having sex with her father; I know I often did. But in my case my big brother Tommy was my first and it continued on a regular basis after that until he got married and moved out of state. I still often yearn to have him inside me; especially on dark stormy nights.”

“I need to know how to let a man know I’m up for a little sexual exploration without triggering his animal urges. I don’t want to risk teasing him to the point of raping me. What subtle hints can I use to just light a fire that I can control?”

“You just said you wanted your Dad to be your first. Surely you don’t think he would lose control and try to rape you.”

“No, no, no…I think you are missing my point, Aunt Suzy. I would love for my Dad to be my first sexual experience; but not my only sexual experience. I plan to have sex with other men later. These other men are the ones I need to learn how to control. I want to know how to lure my Dad to be my first; then I also want to learn how to be with other men that I can control as well as my Dad.”

“If you are sure that’s what you want, I can give you some basic techniques that will lure not only your Dad but just about any healthy sex driven male. But are you really sure that’s what you want?”

“Yes…I’m sure that’s what I want. And don’t forget, I leave for college in the fall so we don’t have a lot of time to put a plan in place.”

“Okay… Let’s get started with lesson number one. Keep in mind this is all general stuff that should work with any man. First of all, a little eye tennis goes a long way. When you are like shopping in a market, just combine your smashing smile with a 3-5 second eye contact. Two seconds is like, "Did he just glance at me?" Three seconds is like, "I believe he just Smiled at me, or maybe the woman behind me." Four to five seconds is more like, "Oh, it's on. He did just show interest in me. I’ve got to talk to him!

So just imagine for a minute, you are at the grocery store. He's 10 feet from you picking up canned tuna in aisle three. After you give the 3-5 second glance over to him, coupled with your adorable smile, you then go back to your previous activity. As you hold your grocery basket in one hand, slowly slide your other hand through your hair; give it a couple of tussles, and then let your hand slowly drift from the nape of your neck down to the collar bone. The sexiness and playfulness of your hair, combined with the tenderness of your neck will kick in a few mating chemicals inside of him that will ignite his mating mode.”

“You really believe it is that simple, Aunt Suzy?”

“I know this one may sound a little ridiculous, but you might want to consider letting nature use its own sexual elixir to give you an assist while you are out and about. Arching your back in a suggestive manner (basically sticking your butt out), reflects behavior which almost every man recognizes. The female has approved of his mating dance and is sexually receptive. So, think of all that DNA history pumping through the guy in aisle 3 when he sees you "stretch out" before you reach for the item on the top shelf.”

“I can’t believe all this stuff really works.”

“Now this maneuver doesn’t always work if you are with a group. You need to pull away from the pack, because he might not ever go in for the approach due to the wall of your protective clan. Obviously, if you are alone you need not worry about this one, but if you and the girls or guy friends are out night clubbing and you see an interesting man checking you out, it might be time to take a stroll to the Hor d’ Oeuvres table or the bar, which will invite him into your own personal space.”

“Aunt Suzy, we’ve been here for almost thirty minute and no men have approached us. We are both attractive and both dressed nicely. How do you explain that?”

“Remember me telling you not to make direct eye contact until I told you too? Well that is because men are more intimidated than ever to approach women in the 21st Century. Today’s women can do just as much as the men can now, so most men are lacking the confidence that their forefathers had when roles were more clearly defined. Men have learned to watch for positive body language. A warm smile can ignite a man's courage to walk up to you, but if you exhibit signs you do not want to be disturbed they read those signals also. That’s why I told you not to make eye contact with anyone? It’s working.”

“Is it okay if I make contact with one of them now?”

Suzy nodded her approval and Lisa immediately zeroed in on the young man she was interested in and smiled. He looked unsure until she casually tucked an errant curl of her blonde hair behind her ear and smiled again. He was at her table in an instant asking her to dance. Lisa had proven to be a very fast learner. Suzy and Lisa didn’t get home until near dawn.

Lisa spent the next two weeks trying to subtly seduce her Dad. She implemented every tip her Aunt Suzy told her about. She would make direct eye contact and hold his gaze for several seconds before looking away. She even dressed provocative and would sometimes look at him until he noticed and then lick her lips and innocently play with her hair. Tom noticed everything she did, but pretended it wasn’t happening. He would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for the bulge that appeared in his pants each time. Lisa noticed his reaction and smiled to herself when it happened. Lisa’s mother also noticed how she was acting toward her Dad and became concerned. She didn’t want to discuss it with Tom so she approached Aunt Suzy with her fears.

“I don’t know what has gotten into Lisa, but lately she has been acting like a little slut around her Dad. She acts like she wants to have sex with her own Dad. What should I do?”

“Why do anything? Didn’t you ever fantasize about having sex with your Dad when you were a teenaged girl?”

Melanie turned several shades of red and didn’t answer Suzy’s question.

“Well…didn’t you? I know I thought about fucking my Dad on more than one occasion.”

“Are you suggesting I just ignore it?” Melanie asked.

“No…not at all. I’m suggesting we help them succeed in their sexual coupling.”

Melanie thought she was going to pass out when she heard Suzy’s recommendation. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing from her sister-in-law; Lisa’s favorite Aunt and Tom’s sister.

“Have you lost your damn mind? Why in the hell would I want to encourage my teenage daughter to have sex with anyone? Let alone her own father.”

“Look at it this way, Melanie. Lisa is a woman now. She will be going off to college very soon. She is experiencing her teenage hormones and they are pushing her body towards her sexual needs. Every young woman goes through this kind of need and desire. Don’t you want her first sexual experience to be with someone who will care enough for her, to treat her gently and loving?”

“Of course, I do, but I don’t think it should be with her father. That’s incest and it is frowned upon by society.

“Well…she doesn’t have a big brother like me. So, who else is there to be her first who will treat her gentle and loving?”

“Wait a minute. Are you saying your first sex partner was your big brother; MY husband, Tommy?”

“I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to let that slip, but yes. Tommy was my first sex partner and it was the most wonderful experience of my life.”

“Are you two still…...?”

“No, no…I would never do that to you. We stopped having sex when Tom met you. I’ve to admit I was jealous of you for quite some time, but I got over it.”

Melanie thought about Suzy’s proposal for several minutes and then decided it was probably best for everyone if Lisa’s first time was in a controlled environment with someone trustworthy like her own father. She had always worried that Lisa’s first time might be in the backseat of a car with a young teenaged boy who didn’t have the sense to use protection. Now she worries about it taking place in a fraternity house.

“Okay…how do we go about setting this up between Lisa and her Dad? I’m certainly not going to Tom and tell him he has my permission to fuck our daughter.”

“That’s the easy part,” Suzy said, “Lisa has already gotten her Dad’s attention. I’ve watched her also when she tries to entice him with her awkward playfulness, and I see how hard his cock gets. It shouldn’t take much to push him over the line and into her bed. He IS a man you know and he thinks with his ‘little head’ just like most men.”

“You knew this was going on and didn’t say anything to me about it?”

“Well…I was kind of the one that suggest to Lisa that her Dad should be her first sex partner.”

“You What?”

Melanie was almost livid. She fought to control her rage against her sister-in-law.

“Suzy, I could…I could…oh, never mind. I think it's a good plan and we should get started implementing it right away. What do we do first?”

“You and I need to plan a weekend trip away from home so the two of them will have their privacy and then let nature take its course. And we will of course give nature a little help by getting them both horny as hell before we go.”

“And how do we do that?”

“First of all, you won’t have sex with Tom for at least a week before we leave. You use every trick you know to get him in the mood for sex without actually having sex with him. You coolly rub against him and kiss him on the cheek for no reason. You sneak a quick squeeze of his cock every now and then when others are around and there is no chance to follow through with sex. Just tease the hell out of him and the night before we leave for the weekend, start giving him a blowjob, but find a way for it to be interrupted before completion.”

“Oh…you are one sneaky Bitch. That will have your big brother ready to fuck a god-damn mountain lion. And what do we do about getting Lisa horny?”

“Lisa is already horny for her Dad, but I will spur her own all week with talk of she should be brave and push him to have sex with her. I will share with her some of my sexual adventures I enjoyed in college. I guarantee she will be horny enough to fuck him even with us looking on.”


As soon as Lisa’s Mother and Aunt were out the door, she put on her skimpiest bikini and went in search of her Dad. He was in his office working on his laptop. He looked up from his work when she entered his office. He did a double take when saw her in her bikini. His cock immediately stood at attention. It embarrassed him and at the same time his horniness was screaming for him to strip her naked and fuck her brains out.

"Will you come swimming with me Daddy?" she begged.

“I’d love to, Sweetheart, but I’ve work to do.”

“Please, Daddy. It’s Saturday and your work can wait until tomorrow.”

Tom knew he shouldn’t be around her while he was so aroused but melted when he saw the pleading look in her eyes.

“Give me a minute to put on my bathing suit and I will be right out.”

Tom dashed upstairs and quickly changed into his bathing suit. Lisa was standing in the hallway waiting for his return.

"Okay, baby girl," he said, "Lead the way."

"I will be glad to lead the way, Daddy," she giggled.

He chuckled and allowed his sexy young daughter to lead him by the hand. As he walked behind her, he watched the way her ass jiggled slightly with each step and the way her firm muscles flexed as she moved. He enjoyed observing his daughter's beautiful ass as she led him through the kitchen and out the door to the pool. The whole time he examined her move his cock was getting rock hard. He knew he shouldn’t be entertaining such thoughts about his daughter, but the way she moved and smiled at him prevent him from thinking of anything else.

She began descending the steps into the pool still pulling her father behind her. Finally, she released his hand as the water was deep enough for her to swim. Lisa was a good swimmer and loved doing it. It was her favorite exercise. Tom waded over and rested his back against the side of the pool and surveyed his daughter's lithe young body as she glided through the water. This was turning out to be a very fun day, he thought. He dog paddled further into the water and let himself relax. Lisa floated by him on her back. Her tits were standing high in the water and it was all he could do to not reach out and caress them.

His daughter wanted to play as she splashed him while giggling. He swam after her and swiftly seized her firm young body dunking her in the water. They tussled for a while, laughing. He would release her and she would swim away, only to ask her father to come catch her. She tried her best to stay out of reach, but he was strong and fast, and always caught her. He wrapped his strong arms around her body and ended up with two hands full of tits. He lifted her out of the water and dunked her; pretending he wasn’t aware he had grabbed her tits. They played like that for a half hour, Lisa thoroughly enjoying the way her father manhandled her so easily. She tingled with excitement every time he touched her. Several times she started grab his cock during their play; but never got the nerve. She would get wet thinking about how his cock might feel between her legs.

After thirty minutes of play they decided to get out and toweled off. They took turns rubbing tanning lotion all over each other’s bodies. Tom’s cock became really hard when Lisa spent a lot of time making sure her Dad’s chest had plenty of lotion on it. She paid special attention to his nipples but pretended like she didn’t know it would sexually stimulate him. Her Dad liked it and didn’t voice any objection. They sat in pool chairs next to each other, taking in the sun. After laying out for about an hour, they went inside together and Tom fixed sandwiches for both of them.

Over lunch he began asking his daughter general questions about her life. She told him that she was more contented now than she had ever been in her life. Her life was good before her 18th birthday, but now it was amazing! Continuing to ask her questions, she told him about her girlfriends at school, and about the boys she liked and the ones she didn’t care much for. She explained to him that most of the boys always gawked at her breast, and she kind of liked it most of the time. She had been on a few dates and permitted one boy to make out with her and fondle her breast. A wave of jealousy flowed through him as he thought of clumsy teenage boys putting their hands on his daughter’s tits. Lisa said many of the girls in school were jealous of her, but she had a few good friends and she simply didn't care about the rest of the girls.

They chatted a while longer then Tom told her he needed to get more work done at home. He suggested to Lisa that she hang out with friends for a while. He had to get away from her for a while or he may not be able to restrain the lust building in him. He told her that later that evening they would order a pizza and watch TV together. Lisa wasn’t happy about going off, but she agreed to her Dad’s suggestion. After putting on some sexy lace panties and short shorts, a bra and a tank top, she left to go to her friend Kirsten’s home just a couple of blocks away from her house. Kirsten had a big brother that Lisa had once given a lot of thought to letting him be her first. The timing was never right so nothing ever happened.

Tom worked for three more hours, preparing documents and notes on a project. He caught up on emails and made a few phone calls. The time few by rapidly. Lisa called him at five o’clock and told him Kirsten’s family was going to the movies and she was on the way home. She asked him to go ahead and order a pizza. Satisfied with his activities for the day he ordered the pizza and then took his shower. Afterwards, he relaxed in sweat pants and a white cotton t-shirt in front of the TV, watching the local news. Lisa arrived home at the same time the pizza delivery man got there with the pizza.

Lisa and her Dad sat together on the sofa eating their pizza from the coffee table and watching a comedy show. Tom was getting an erection seeing his sexy young daughter in her short shorts and tank top. Her nipples would occasional harden and poke through her tank top. He couldn’t focus on the show because he was afraid Lisa would notice his growing bulge. Tom proposed she take her shower and then put on her pajamas and robe then come back and watch a movie with him. Lisa interpreted that as a romantic proposal and felt herself getting wet. Tom only intended it as means to remove the alluring thoughts he had about his daughter’s sexy body.

Lisa took a shower and then put on a light blue baby doll nightgown with matching thong that revealed all of her female attributes. Tom’s cock almost ripped through his sweat pants when she walked into the den. He demanded she wear her robe over her nightgown. His sudden strong demand not only stunned her, but it also hurt her feels. She felt stupid for mis-reading his intentions. She went to get her robe and almost decided not to return. However, she had a plan of her own in mind and wasn’t going to abandon it. Tom felt bad about snapping at her the way he had and apologized. He tried to make up for his out burst by handing her the remote and letting her choose a movie. She chose an ‘R-rated’ romance drama. If something was going to happen between the two of them, that movie would surely trigger it, she thought.

She cuddled close to her Dad and watched the movie. The feel and heat from her body caused another erection. His breathing became so deep and his heart thumped so loudly he was afraid his daughter would become aware of his arousal. There were several explicit sex scenes in the movie that also made her Dad very uncomfortable. She smiled to herself each time he tried to covertly adjust his raging hard cock. The movie was making him very horny. Lisa would occasionally hug him and press her tits against his arm and rest her hand on his thigh. She would move her hand close to his hard cock, but never actually touch it. That only made matters worse for Tom. All he could think about was how badly he wanted to fuck his own daughter. He tried to talk himself out of it by reminding himself that it would be incest to fuck his daughter. That argument didn’t work well when his mind flooded with the pleasant memories of his incestuous relationship he had with his little sister, Suzy, when she was in high school.

As soon as the movie was over Tom quickly began to clean up the mess left by their pizza dinner. Lisa helped him carry the trash to the kitchen. Tom knew he had to get away from her to remove the temptations of her body. She was disappointed when he gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and dashed off to his bedroom. His actions only made her more resolute than ever to lure him into her bed. Lisa was determined to have her first sexual experience with her Dad that night. She waited approximately thirty minutes and then boldly walked into her Dad’s bedroom wearing nothing but the flimsy blue nightgown, minus the matching thong.

"Lisa, baby what's wrong?" he asked her, thinking it must be serious for her to be coming into his room that late. His mind was foggy from sleep.

"Nothing’s wrong Daddy, I just can't sleep. I was wondering if maybe I could sleep in here with you."

Tom couldn’t think of a good excuse that wouldn’t further humiliate her, so he scooted over to give her room. She climbed under the sheets and blanket with him. After she was settled Tom became aware of just how close his daughter was to him and could feel her firm young breast pressing into his back. He became acutely aware of just how determined his little girl was about seducing him. He knew he didn’t have the fortitude to further resist. The sensual feel of her body was intoxicating, he felt himself becoming aroused by her, his own daughter. This is wrong, he thought. She is my daughter. How could I possibly feel this way? Tom believed he should be mentally scolding himself for his incestuous thoughts.

He could not go back to sleep and as the night drug on Lisa worked her thigh between her father's legs. His balls rested on her thigh and he could feel the heat radiating from her vagina. He felt his cock throb and grow really hard. He knew he wasn’t going to be able resist her much longer. Carefully he slid out of bed and crept over to the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom he quietly closed the door and sat down on the edge of the tub. He lowered his boxers and began to slowly stroke his hard cock. He tried to think about women he had dated, porn stars, fashion models, anything but the young woman in the next room. But, no matter how hard he tried, his thoughts kept returning to Lisa. His over whelming desire for her over took his rational reasoning and he surrendered to his lust.

"Oh yes, Lisa, yes, suck my cock, yes."

Tom moaned while jerking his cock faster and faster. He closed his eyes and pictured his beautiful young daughter with her lips around his throbbing cock. The door quietly eased open behind him. In his present state of mind, he was unaware of the world around him. He didn't notice the sexy figure in the door way. Lisa had watched her father slip out of bed and go into the bathroom. When she heard him moaning, she went to the bathroom door and opened it a tiny bit. When she observed her father masturbating and heard him calling out her name, she was frozen in place. She was surprised at first, and then she felt herself getting wet, very wet. She knew her plan was working and she had to help her Dad out. Opening the door wider, she walked in and knelt down in front of him. He wasn’t aware of her presence as he kept his eyes closed and continued to vigorously pump his cock

Tom cried out, "Fuck yes; suck my cock Lisa, that's it, Goddamn that's good."

Then something invaded Tom's fantasy, it was warm, soft, and wet. His eyes shot open just in time to see Lisa swallow his cock. She felt her father's cock swell in her mouth. Working fast, she relaxed her jaw and throat muscles and sucked harder. The sight of his little girl giving him a blow job was too much for him and he exploded inside her mouth. She felt the first blast of cum explode from his cock at the same moment his cockhead entered her throat. Then there was a second, and a third blast. She had never heard of a man cumming so much. When it was over Tom just sat there in a daze staring at nothing. Lisa stood up kissed her father gently on the lips and then went back to bed.

Tom was so embarrassed he spent the rest of the night in the guest room. When Tom finally left the guest room the next morning and went down to the kitchen he hoped that his daughter would be gone with her friends, but instead she was waiting for him at the kitchen table. She was still wearing the blue nightgown, minus the thong.

"We need to talk," was all she said as he walked into the room.

"Lisa I... Lisa I’m so sorry I should have controlled myself better. I don't know what came over me..." her father stammered.

"Sorry? Why are you sorry? I'm certainly not sorry, Dad."

She was disappointed her Dad was in such a remorseful state. She viewed their moment together in the bathroom as beautiful, but he was apparently racked with guilt.

"But, what I let you do, it was wrong. I should never have let you continue."

Tom hesitantly explained as his daughter angrily glared at him. He wasn’t supposed to feel that way, she thought. That’s not how it had played out in her mind last night. He was supposed to wake up next to her and make tender love to her. She was angry it hadn’t happened that way.

"I don't remember you forcing me to my knees, or you forcing me to suck you off. I wanted it as much as you did. As a matter of fact, I wanted it more." Lisa cried.

Tom stared at his daughter for a moment, before he realized what she was saying.

"Lisa, honey, we can’t do things like that to each other, it's wrong. The law calls it incest."

"Dad, do you love me?"

"What? Of course, baby, of course I love you."

"Then what's the problem? I love you, you love me. This is just a way of expressing our love for each other. “

As she said that she stood up and walked over to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him gently on the lips. Tom resisted at first, but his daughter’s insistent tongue worked its way into his mouth, and then it wasn’t like any kiss he had ever experienced from her or anyone else. There was a passionate hunger in him that he had never felt before. A longing desire for the woman in his arms. It was a stirring kiss like no other kiss. It had inspired feelings in him like none he ever had; not even when Lisa’s mother, Melanie kissed him.

"Come with me, Daddy." She said to him.

Tom followed her as though he were in a trance to his bedroom. All he could think about was to fulfill his desire to carnally consume his young daughter. She laid in his bed on her back with open arms and legs splayed.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Sshhh, no more words, just kiss me," Lisa moaned.

He surrendered, stripped naked and joined her on the bed starting with her lips. His daughter would whimper into his mouth every so often during their passionate kissing. After a few minutes of tongue play, he moved lower raising her nightgown up over her head and tossing it aside. He kissed her neck, then moved onto her braless breast. Kissing the soft mounds before gently taking a nipple into his mouth alternately sucking and gently biting first one then the other. He cupped both her firm 36C breasts in his hands. He leaned down and began feasting upon her right nipple and massaging her other nipple.

"Oh, mmmm that's it Daddy suck on my nipple, mmm that feels good," Lisa mewled, "Oh yes Daddy. suck my titties like you do Mom’s!"

Tom was curious to see whether his daughter had inherited her Mother’s nipple sensitivity, and her ability to have breast orgasms. He continued his sucking and fondling of his daughter’s sweet young breasts, alternately sucking one nipple, then the other. Lisa’s hard nipples began to feel swollen and even more sensitive as he continued to suck on them. She loved the feeling, and she was soon murmuring her encouragement to her Daddy.

"Yes Daddy, like that!"

She rolled over on top of her Dad and began squirming against her father's crotch, trying to feel more of his hard cock against her pussy. Her cunt juices were flowing freely again as her father continued his breast worship.

"My nipples feel really good when you suck them like that, Daddy!"

A couple of minutes passed and his daughter’s moans became almost constant, his expert manipulations sending her to even higher levels of pleasure. Finally, she went rigid in his arms and released a wailing moan. His teenage daughter was having her first breast orgasm. Her hips bucked against him and her pussy juices began trickling onto his cock. Her body shook and shivered for a few moments before she slumped down against his chest, breathing heavily. Tom released her tortured nipple and kissed his young daughter on her lips.

"I'm proud of you baby girl", he said, "You can have breast orgasms just like your Mom."

"I like those nipple orgasms, Daddy", she said, "They make me come so hard, but not too long."

She smiled at her Dad and took his hard member into her small hand and stroked it a few times. He rolled her over and got on top. After giving each of his daughter's lovely breast attention, it was time to move lower gently kissing her navel, proceeding to the top of her hairless vagina. The smell of his daughter's sex, was maddening to him; the scent drove him into a frenzy of passion and lust. Looking down at his daughter's fully exposed sex, he gasped in astonishment, "It is so beautiful, Lisa, so smooth."

"Thank you, Daddy, I shaved it this morning, just for you, I hoped you would like it." She replied with a small giggle.

Before he continued he lifted his head and looked her in the eyes, softly asking, "Are you sure you want me to keep going?".

She nodded her approval and without further delay he buried his face in her cunt, gently licking and sucking on first her outer lips, then forcing his tongue as deep into her body as possible. Finally, he moved up to her exposed clit, alternating between sucking, licking, and gently biting it.

Lisa's moans filled the room, "Ohhhh... Mmmmmm... Aaahhh... That's it Daddy lick my pussy... YES... I'm gonna cum. Oohh fuck yes. Finger me while you suck my clit. That's it Daddy, I'm there, I'm Cumming!

Her legs wrapped around her Dad’s head holding him firmly in place. Tom felt her vaginal muscles clamp down on his tongue right before a blast of sweet pussy juice shot out of her trembling hole splashing him in the face. When Lisa finally came down from her orgasm she said, "That was fantastic Daddy! I’ve never cum so hard before, that was the best orgasm I ever had... now it's your turn."

Once Tom was situated in his bed, Lisa positioned herself between his legs. She stroked his cock and marveled at its size.

"Mmm you have a very pretty cock, Daddy, so big, and hard."

She was determined to give him a better blowjob than she had the night before. She took the entire thing to the back of her throat in one motion, then pulled off just as quickly. Next, she proceeded to lick every inch of her prize, starting at the sensitive tip, down the sides stopping at the bottom long enough to suck on his balls. She did it just the way Aunt Suzy had taught her when they had practiced with a cucumber. From there she traveled back up the underside of her Dad’s tube, finally swallowing his entire cock again. She repeated this process several times occasionally changing the order or pausing to suck on various portions of his hard cock.

"Fuck!" Tom moaned, "Lisa, baby, you’re gonna make Daddy cum if you keep this up!"

For a response Lisa doubled her efforts, vigorously sucking on the head of her Daddy's cock, while pumping the shaft with her hand. Tom knew he could last no longer, he felt the cum in his balls begin to boil, forcing his cock to swell. Then without warning it exploded from the tip of his penis like a volcano; blast upon blast shot into his daughter's hungry mouth. He felt that his very soul was being drained by his daughter's sucking mouth and swirling tongue.

When he finished cumming, Lisa continued to gently suck his limp member until it began to swell and grow hard again. She didn’t stop until it was as hard as before. Without speaking a word Lisa removed her father from her mouth, straddled his waist and sank her warm, wet, pussy down onto his cock. There was no hymen to break through; she had done that with a cucumber. The warm tight feel dominated his senses, as he began to move by instinct.

The moans of the two filled the room, as they continued to express their lust for each other, mingling with the sound of flesh slapping flesh as they continued their dance of desire and lust. How long it lasted they themselves couldn't say, they lived only in the moment. From one position to the next, they moved as one, no longer Father and Daughter, but Man and Woman.

Finally, they both cried out in an incredible mutual orgasm.

The two collapsed next to each other smiling. Lisa kissed him one last time and said, "Thank you Daddy, that was the best sex I’ve ever had. In fact, it was the first sex I ever had, and I hope it will happen again."

Tom was silent for a moment then replied, "I love you Lisa, and I want to touch you, kiss you, and make love to you all the time, but I think it best if you find a young lover closer to your own age."

“But Daddy…I don’t think I will ever find someone that will please me like you just did.”

“Well…I’m flattered you feel that way, but first and foremost I belong to your Mother. However, I’ll promise you this, Sweetheart. I will always make time for us to have some quality time together just like this as long as it doesn’t interfere with the time that rightfully belongs to your Mom. Can you settle for that?”

"Yes…thank you, Daddy." Lisa replied and fell asleep with a smile.

Just before noon, Melanie and Suzy returned home and found Tom and Lisa still asleep in each other’s arms. The smell of their sexual activity hung heavy in the room. Melanie and Suzy quietly high-fived each other; their plan had worked. They silently left the house only to return much later pretending to be unaware of the incestuous coupling between Father and Daughter.