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The Advert - Waitperson_(0)

2022-06-25 00:00:04

The Advert - Waitperson

By Jax_Teller

From : The Advert

I had been going through a dry spell sexually for some time and didn't want a relationship. Given the lack of local freaks to fuck, I placed an ad on a kink website. The ad read: “ Rough Fuck wanted, I don't want to know your name or where you work or any of that bullshit. I just need you to show up and get fucked. I will tell you what to do and you will do it or leave. That simple, no cuddles or hugging, Just raw fucking.” I really didn't expect any responses, but that ad was the beginning to a very sexually active time in life.


It was the Next day when I got home from Rough Riding that I remembered I had not used protection last night. This was the first time I had forgot to use protection. I wrangled for hours over the fact that I was careless. I enjoyed my kinks and in my mind not wearing protection was basically giving the kink up. If I were infected I would not put others at risk, ending my irreverent behavior.

On Monday I took a sick day from work which I rarely did, so there was no questions asked. I went to my doctor and explained my situation and even though she told me my risk was very limited, I requested THE TEST. She suggested that I get the full spectrum of tests so that my mind would be at ease over all the possibilities.

I waited the three days in a relative state of controlled dismay. I didn't get any Emails to my advert and I gave more thought about making another advert looking for friends with benefits. I had met a few people I had fun with and wanted to see if anyone might want more. But now it had the added dimension of ensuring a longer prolific life.

My Doctor call me on Thursday after I got home for work and I anxiously listened as she went through the details. The result was that I was clean, no diseases. I breathed a sigh of relief, and she told me that I should have follow up testing done, but the chances are very low that one sexual encounter would result in an infection.

Dr. Romain then asked if I was still interested in the rough sex choice. I thought it was a medical question as I was talking with my Doctor. What I lacked to take into account was that she was a female and that she had sexual needs. I told that yeah I was still going to have rough sex just not going to forget to use protection.

Dana Romain, the woman then shocked the livid fuck out of me and asked if I would be interested in taking her. I dumb founded asked her, take her where? As the words left my mouth I realized what she was offering me. I quickly said oh yes Dana, when and where? I was equally surprised when she said she was home alone, if I was free.

I was riding a wave of shock and awe and asked her for her address. I put her address in my phones map app, and told her I'd be over in an hour. Dana asked if was up for something different and I asked what she was thinking. Dana told me she leave the door unlocked and I could just come in and take her in what ever way I liked and she would act like she didn't like it. I said you want consensual non consensual sex?

Dana said yes, that she wanted the experience on her terms in a safe environment. I told her to choose a safe word that would signal that she wanted to stop. Dana told me the word is planter. I repeated it back to her and she confirmed. I told her I'd be over shortly. I took some comfort after hanging up, that she would have sex with me,know what I had just been through. I gathered up my ski mask, duct tape, some condoms, and a change of clothes in my to go bag.

The ride over to her house was quick, and I found her door open as she had said. The house a ranch style one floor lay out was easily searched as I went from room to room heading to the bedrooms. In the kitchen I noted the name on the mail was Dana's and felt relief knowing I had the right house. I found a smaller bedroom that was dark save a lamp on the desk.

There was only one more room Dana could be in and the door was open and a light next to the bed was on. The television was on at a medium volume, giving me cover noise. I pulled my ski mask on and duct tape out as I entered her room. She was laying on the bed on her side facing away from the door and me. I quietly walked over to the bed and flipped her onto her stomach.

Dana Started to squirm and yell, but before she could do anything I had her hands taped together behind her back. I turned her over and Dana let out a series of expletives, that would make a sailor blush. I slapped her across the face and she continued for a second until I slapped her again. I pulled her tee shirt up over the head trapping her hands.

I took her tee shirt that captured her hands and put it over the bed post. I pulled her panties down and off one leg, twisting them around the other ankle in a figure eight and pulling it over the bed ost at the foot of the bed. I spread her legs, pulling her other leg to the center of the bed and put my leg over hers to hold it in place.

Dana stopped resisting, sensing she was secured beyond her ability to escape. I took my pants off and got a condom out. As I did Dana's leg was not covered by mine and she tried to escape. I quickly grabbed her leg and pulled it back where I had it,and told her not to move or she'd regret it. As I opened the condom package, Dana moved again and I grabbed her before she flipped off onto the floor.

I pulled her back in place and slapped her thighs repeatedly until they were bright red and starting to welt up. Dana struggled through the assault on her thighs but when I stopped so did she, and I reprimanded her not to move. I found the condom and put it on, and climbed between her legs. As I stroked my cock in preparation of entering her pussy Dana struggled against her restraints once again.

I slapped her tits several times, Dana crying out with each slap. I kept at them until they were a covered in my hand prints. I slid my cock up and down the folds of her pussy and found she was dripping wet. While she struggled and fought my actions, her body betrayed her, signaling her excitement.

Pushing inside her I was not really surprised at how tight she was. I found a moderate pace of even strokes in and out. Dana calmed down and I could see she was enjoying the fucking and not resisting it in anyway. I reached down and unhooked her panties from the bedpost and drew both her legs up to her chest. I get more penetration in this position and I can feel Dana begin to rock her hips to meet my pushing into her.

I pick up the pace and start slamming into her harder and faster with each stroke. As I feel the impending orgasm building in my balls, I pull my cock from her pussy and kneel by her head. Slipping the condom off I grab Dana by the hair and force my cock into her mouth. Three deep strokes into her throat and I come.

The first squirt goes down her throat, and I pull out of her mouth and finish by jerking the nest three rope strings of come in her face. Dana relaxes a little thinking I am done, but still holding her hair I slap her face. My hand gets coated with come as I slap her several more times. Still holding her hair I push my come coated hand into her mouth and order her to lick it clean.

I love the look on her face as she takes my four fingers like a cock in her mouth and I fuck her mouth with them. A few more jabs into her mouth and Dana shakes and she comes. I let go of her hair and gather my condom up. I put my pants back on and pick up the condom wrapper as I walked around the bed and released Dana's hands from the bed post.

The second Dana's hands were released she reached down and began masturbating. It took me back for a second, at just how much she had enjoyed this game. She quickly came squirting her lady juice all over her tee shirt and down to her knees. She clamped her legs together and then spread them again as she squirted once more.

I waited a few minutes until her orgasm subsided and she settled down and I walked over and cut the duct take from her wrists. She looked into my eyes and thank you. I said your welcome anytime doc, turned and left. I thought about Her and how much she enjoyed the encounter and looked forward to exploring more with her.

The End

Dana, Doctor Romain texted me two weeks later and asked if I was free. I texted back that I was and she said tonight at 7 pm ish? I texted back same theme and she said oh yeah.