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Saunas in Europe 1 - Austrian Spa

2022-06-24 00:00:04

Author's note: this is the first story I'm posting here. It is not purely fictional. Actually, almost everything has happened as described. If you're lucky and you're able to visit a sauna somewhere in Europe, you'll know what I'm writing about. This story has no hardcore stuff in it and it is building up slowly. It features elements of voyeurism, ENF, reluctance and exhibitionism. If that's not what you want don't bother reading it. Otherwise, enjoy! :)

*** Prolog ***

This one is from some time ago and pretty much one of my first sauna experiences. I've not been to saunas until my last twenties. I've been to spas and resorts quite often but always avoided sauna spaces as I assumed it would be awkward and also too hot and sweaty.

This story happened about five years ago and me and my girlfriend (still the same today!) were on vacation at some spa resort in Austria. It was a super-stylish hotel that was attached to a huge family spa but also had its own wellness area. The spa was not a nude place and everybody stayed clothed. There were loads of families and loud children running and jumping and sliding down the water slides. Even in the so-called quiet-areas they were chatting and shouting and there was no relaxation at all. At least the hotel was really good and we had food buffet three times a day. On our last day my girlfriend and me were standing at the breakfast buffet and chatting quietly about the annoying noisy families in the spa, when another couple that was listening to our conversation approached us. They were both in their mid-twenties, which means a few years younger than us, both were a little bit chubby but definitely still good looking. The girl had dark-brown hair, about shoulder-long and a cute face that seemed to smile all the time. They told us that there's a separate sauna space available at the hotel, which is super-relaxing, with several different saunas and a big jacuzzi and, most important, no noisy children! I was not super happy but also not opposed and my girlfriend talked me into going there for our last day. And I did not regret it at all!

*** Hipster-Girl ***

So we went to the reception to grab some bathrobes and asked how to get to the sauna area. It was easily reachable through a not very prominent side-door somewhere on the long hallway that led from the hotel to the family spa. Most of the people were heading for the spa but we went through that door and were instantly standing in the mixed locker room of the hotel sauna area. It was a quite small room with lots of lockers on all sides and some benches in the middle of the room. Not much was going on, since it was still quite early and not everybody had finished breakfast yet. Some people in their 40s or 50s were in different stages of undress or were already in their bathrobes walking in direction of the sauna area. Me and my girlfriend undressed as well, quickly wrapped ourselves in our bathrobes and entered the sauna space. There were about 4-5 different saunas available, from super-hot to moderately-hot, all accessible from a central chill-out-area with beach-chairs. In the middle of the area there was a big jacuzzi accessible through 4 steps up to the edge and 4 steps down into the pool. Since I was not too interested in hot saunas I immediately got one of the chairs and laid down while my girlfriend got rid of her robe and headed for one of the saunas stark naked with just a towel in her hand. My eyes followed my nude girlfriend, her short, athletic body with her round, luscious ass and her medium-sized, firm, tan-lined boobs that were standing out straight and only slightly bouncing while she walked. In this moment I finally realized the most obvious thing: I was in a nude area and I was about to see a lot more nude bodies! And that's exactly how it continued.

While the area was quite empty when we arrived, it now started to fill up quickly. More and more people of all shapes and ages came in and either grabbed one of the beach chairs or directly headed for one of the saunas. Still on my chair I especially noticed one girl that was coming in. I'll call her the hipster-girl because she was wearing one of those huge hipster-style glasses. Apparently she was alone and tightly wrapped in her white bathrobe, I was still able to guess that she had a slender body and was quite tall, probably 1.70-1.75m. She had long, wild, dark hair which she was trying to keep control of by having it put up with some hair pins. That gave her quite a cheeky look as strands of hair pointed in every direction. Her face looked rather young, I guess she was a freshman from the local university, so she was perhaps around 19 years old. Also I noticed that she wore some thin leather bracelets around her wrists which looked really cute. She had painted her fingernails in a darkish colour which fitted nicely with her tan. She did not head for a sauna, passed me and got out of sight for the moment. I then decided to start taking some action myself and realized that the jacuzzi was still empty. So I got up, left my robe behind and entered the jacuzzi. I positioned myself in a way so that I had a perfect view of the scenery and relaxed. Some minutes later I saw my girlfriend leaving the sauna and heading for the shower. After some moments she walked over, recognized I was in the jacuzzi and joined me. Eventually we chatted a bit and I was enjoying the view of naked people passing by. That moment I saw hipster-girl again and it seemed she was heading for a sauna. To my great luck she choose the one just closest to the jacuzzi that had the entrance just about 3 meters from my position. There was a clothes hanger just before the sauna door where everybody was supposed to leave their bathrobes. That resulted in hipster-girl to strip down right in front of me. Though I tried not to stare too obvious because of my girlfriend right beside me, I was still able to observe every detail. The first thing that immediately attracted my attention were here breasts. To my surprise they were the tiniest boobs I've ever seen on a girl of her age. I would actually state some of my male friends have larger boobs than this girl. But don't get me wrong, they were still cute and you could see some round shapes topped with little hardened pea-sized nipples on an almost invisible areola. She was perfectly tanned, so I guess she was a regular visitor to a solarium or nude beach. As expected she had a slender body without any unnecessary fat. Her pussy was completely shaven (or probably waxed) and looked tight without any inner lips visible. Right before she was about to open the door to the sauna, she turned around and it seemed that she had forgotten something at her place. This gave me the chance to catch a sight at her small and extremely firm looking ass before she put on her bathrobe again and walked back to her chair. After a short moment she returned without her glasses and gave me the second striptease within one minute before she entered the sauna and was out of sight. I was completely lost in thought so I almost missed my girlfriend making caustic remarks about hipster-girl's super-tiny tits which basically gave me the information that my girlfriend was checking her out too!

*** Mother & Daughter ***

Now that hipster-girl was out of sight, I decided to leave the jacuzzi. Just as I was about to climb up the stairs, I got distracted by two women who studied the information plates that were attached beside the door of each sauna and which were indicating stuff like type of sauna, temperature, humidity and so on. They were both wrapped in bathrobes and had their towels put around their neck so it looked like they were about to enter one of the saunas. My girlfriend followed me out of the jacuzzi, we went for a quick shower and then passed the two women again on the way back to our chairs. The first one was a bit older, probably in her 60s, a bit round but not too much, with medium length hair that could be described as brown but was slowly getting a grey touch on some spots. The second woman was in her early or mid 30s and you could immediately see from her face that she must be the daughter or at least a close relative of the first woman. Her hair was brownish or dark blonde and she had dressed it in an accurate, short ponytail which perfectly fitted with her nice, longish face and gave her a compelling, pert touch. It also made her look a bit younger than she probably was. She had a cute nose with just a small number of freckles and cheerful eyes. I could not resist to imaging how she might look like under her robe, so this was the moment when I came up with a "game" that some of you probably know: guess other people's anatomy while they are still dressed and then try to find out which aspects you guessed right! I have been surprised by hipster-girl's appearance, thinking back I would probably have guessed correctly that she's shaved but I would have expected at least some small B-cup breasts. Now I was guessing that the mother had somewhat saggy C-cup breasts while I gave the daughter a C-cup also, but due to her age definitely firmer and rounder. Since it was obvious that daughter was definitely caring about her body and about her appearance - there was the accurate ponytail, tiny stud earrings, polished nails, smooth skin - I was pretty sure she was also spending considerable time to care about her pubic hairstyle. So I guessed an accurately trimmed, narrow landing-strip while for her mother I expected a more rustic bush.
While we were passing mother and daughter, I realized they were about to decide for the infrared-sauna. I unfortunately did not risk a look back to approve my guesses since I feared it would be too suspicious, and so I missed the moment they stripped off their robes and accessed the sauna. Instead I told my girlfriend that I'm thinking about trying out a sauna and proposed the infrared-sauna since it is one of the lower-temperature ones. My girlfriend was relieved to have me finally trying out a sauna, so she immediately agreed, we left our robes on the chairs and went to the infrared-sauna. Gosh! I did not expect the room to be that small! The sauna basically was a cubicle of only about 3x3 meters with four wooden benches - two on each side at different levels, the one side directly facing the other. Since mother and daughter had occupied the two benches on the right side, we choose left. My girlfriend climbed onto the upper level and laid down on her back while I seated myself upright on the lower bench. Then I risked a glance at the other side. It was just perfect! Mother was lying on her back at the upper level while daughter took the same position on the lower level. The benches were not all flat but allowed to rest the upper body in an elevated position of about 45 degree. Both women looked super-relaxed and had their eyes closed, giving me the chance to observe every detail. Again I was just half right with my guesses about their physical appearance! At least I was right about their boobs - mother and her daughter's boobs had about the same size which were a bit larger than what my girlfriend had. While mother's breasts were quite saggy and slightly hanging to each side of her torso, the daughter's - though still a little bit saggier than I've expected - had a very nice shape, comparable with two large grapefruit pointing a little into different directions. Her nipples were soft from the heat and there were already a few tiny beads of sweat concentrating between her boobs. What really took me by surprise was the fact that the mother was completely shaven leaving her pussy lips exposed, while on the other hand her significantly younger daughter had a bush of short clipped hair that matched exactly the colour of her ponytail. Then again I was right about her making quite some efforts in styling her pubic area, because her bush was trimmed to form an almost perfect triangle with sharp edges and about 7 centimetres in height and width. The lower corner of the triangle was still covering the upper part of her smooth looking labia which gave me a wonderful sight. After me some time admiring her body and wondering how much time she possibly needs for her intense body care, the mother began to slowly sit up and giving me a nice smile when she spotted me. She then poked her daughter's shoulder which made her open her eyes and sit up as well. She looked over at me and gave me a cute smile as well and whispered "Hallo.". The two women then started a whispering conversation. After some while I could not stand the heat anymore, so I got up and walked to the door, very well noticing the daughter having a quick side glance at my lower parts which left me with a weird feeling.. a bit awkward and embarrassing but exciting at the same time.

*** Law-Girl ***

After I've left the infrared-sauna I walked strait to the showers. After some while my girlfriend joined and told me that she just had a nice short chat with the two women in the infrared-sauna. They were from southern Germany and they were indeed mother and daughter spending their vacation together and celebrating the daughter's 34th birthday.

We then walked back to our place and I finally started reading my book. I must have fallen asleep because after some while I got waken up by some activity from the chairs right beside ours which had not been taken so far. It seemed we've got new neighbours as there was a young couple chatting to my left. He was a good looking young guy, I guess about 24 years old. His girlfriend was an extremely cute blonde and she could have been a pretty good lookalike of a young Avril Lavigne. She was quite short, 1.60m at most, and her frame was slim as far as I could tell with her bathrobe in the way. She had long hair that reached beyond her chest and it was obviously bleached. Here eyebrows were a bit darker which I guess was her original hair colour. She had dyed some of her hair strands in a darker colour - something between a dark pink and black. She had a super-cute, very young looking face with nice lips formed like a tiny wave and it was hard to guess her age but it was twenty at most. While checking her out I noticed she was extremely nervous and the way she acted and moved seemed kinda shy and reluctant. She was constantly whispering to her boyfriend but I could not really get what it was about. When I caught a glimpse that she was wearing a bikini under her robe it suddenly became clear to me that it must be her first time at such a nude place. I could imagine they were also trying to escape the noise in the family spa and ended up here but did probably not expect it to be a nude place. Or her boyfriend had talked her into trying it out since he seemed to have no problems with the situation. But poor shy-girl did definitely feel uneasy and her whole body appeared sort of stiffened while she looked around reluctantly. I was kind of empathizing with her since it was my first time as well though I was definitely able to keep my reluctant feelings under control and enjoy the pleasant side of the adventure. Still I felt a bit sorry for her and hoped she would calm down and be able to enjoy the day after all. Meanwhile her boyfriend removed his bathrobe and unveiled a pair of bathing trunks which he took off confidently, flashing his well developed member for a second before putting on his robe again. Unfortunately this did not impress his girlfriend to follow suit and she kept her bathing robe safely wrapped around her body. Finally they started reading some magazines and the fact that I would not see the girl's body in all its glory was driving me crazy.

Gladly my girlfriend sidetracked me and asked whether I want to join her in the jacuzzi which was currently empty. Since I needed some distraction anyhow, I agreed. Right when we were about to walk up the steps to the pool edge we saw the couple from the breakfast heading in our direction. Remember, they were the ones that had told us to visit the hotel spa instead of the noisy family area which I was appreciating more and more. We slid into the water quickly, swam to the opposite edge of the pool and welcomed them. They asked if we would mind if they join us in the jacuzzi and we did of course not object. They dropped off their robes and the guy entered the pool followed by his girlfriend. Due to the construction of the entrance I was able to check the girl out unobtrusively while she was exposed at the elevated position of the pool edge and as she stepped down the stairs. She was about the same height as my girlfriend, that's about 1.65m, but in contrast she was a bit rounder - her arms were a bit stronger, her belly not as well-conditioned, her thighs a bit thicker. Her boobs were also considerable larger but not as saggy as I would have expected. They swung slightly as she moved and her nipples pointed out quite prominently. Her thighs stayed close together but her vagina was clearly visible as it was smoothly shaved except for a small, stamp-sized patch of dark hair just above her slit. I considered this the fun-fact of the day as my girlfriend is styled the exact same way down there though has a slightly lighter colour.. The young couple joined us at the rear side of the pool. The two were very pleasant and we were immediately in tune with them and started chatting casually. We learned that they were from Austria and were both studying at the local university. While he was into economics and the girl was just about to finish her law studies. They were both 25 years old and a couple since roughly two years. The topic of our conversation changed several times and eventually we were talking about saunas, so we also learned that they were routinely sauna-goers and were completely confident with being naked. In that regard I mentioned the couple from before where the girl seemed to be anything but confident and law-girl confirmed that they've noticed them as well. They were actually holding the opinion, that it should be up to everyone individually to decide whether going to a nude place or not and that it's kinda wrong if somebody - be it the one you love, your friends or your family - forces you or tries to persuade you to visit a nude place like a sauna. While I essentially have the same opinion, I cannot deny that observing such scenes of reluctance and embarrassment have their very own and special attraction to me.

*** Shy-Girl ***

In the meantime the four of us were about to get company as I could see 2 groups heading in our direction. The first being two guys, I would say they were in their mid or late 30s, probably friends as there was no obvious indication that they were gay. I was not looking at them in detail when they entered the jacuzzi but I noticed my girlfriend and law-girl were both looking in their direction. The two guys placed themselves somewhere beside us and relaxed. The second group was a family, consisting of the parents of around 40 years and their son who could have been in his early teens but also a bit younger. The parents looked quite handsome though, the wife being an averagely built blonde with wavy, about chin-length hair. She had medium-sized, moderately saggy c-cup breasts and a neatly trimmed blonde bush. A small surprise for me was that also her husband seemed to have trimmed his bush significantly. Again law-girl and my girlfriend were peeking at them while they walked down the steps. With the pool now filling up, we decided to leave as did our companioned couple. Since they were closer to the exit, they left first which gave me a wonderful view of law-girl's round bottom but her thighs stayed close together which prevented me from seeing even more. When I was just about to follow her out, I noticed that further people were about to enter the pool. My jaw literally dropped to the ground when I realized it was shy-girl and her boyfriend! In the moment I spotted them she was just hesitantly stripping out of her bathrobe and to my greatest surprise there was no bikini underneath. She immediately covered her crotch so I was unable to catch any details. She quickly went up the steps of the pool edge without watching out for me trying to exit. Since the entrance/exit was too narrow for two people to pass, for a short moment this led to the odd situation that neither of us knew who should step back. She was standing exposed at the top of the pool edge while I was two stairs below her. For a quick moment she looked into my eyes with an expression that had a mixture of everything. It was slightly desperate, shy, reluctant and embarrassed but it was also so extremely cute that I felt a small tingle in my stomach. Her cheeks and ears were burning red and you could clearly see how uncomfortable she was. Since she was still covering her lower parts her amazingly firm 34b-cup boobies were pointing out straight at me with one of her coloured hair strands covering the left nipple. The pale-white colour of her boobs was in a strong contrast to her otherwise moderate tan and to her dark-brown, pea-sized nipples which were hard and pointing slightly to the ceiling which looked kinda funny. I also noticed that she had light goosebumps on her breasts and arms and she was blushing slightly between her boobs which were clearly symptoms of her embarrassment. After this short moment of uncertainty I made two steps back into the pool and to the side and I indicated that she could come down. I totally made the right decision as she instinctively grabbed the stair-rails on both sides with her hands, giving up the cover of her crotch and giving me a wonderful view of shy-girl's pussy. Well, not only me, I'm pretty sure the guys in the pool were having a great view as well. I did only notice that even the young boy was quite obviously staring in her direction. And the view definitely paid off! Her pubic area was of the same pale-white as her boobs and had an accurately trimmed narrow landing strip that was about 4x1 centimetres in size and which I'm sure was solely designated for her boyfriend to see. Its colour finally revealed that her natural hair colour was even darker than I had expected - it was almost on the brunette side. Her otherwise completely bald vagina was of that kind that had smaller outer labia which let her inner lips poke out just a tiny bit. She was walking down the steps in embarrassment as fast as she could to quickly hide her body in the water but not before I was able to also get a super-short glance at her firm, pale backside. This was definitely one of the best ENF moments I've had but I must admit that I did really empathize with and felt sorry for this poor girl at that moment.

It seemed that shy-girl did not stay in the pool for very long since we met them again a few minutes later when we were about to shower. When we stepped into the shower area, the couple was already showering, both using the same shower cubicle. Hence my girlfriend and me were occupying the second available cubicle at the opposite side which gave me another opportunity to peek. When shy-girl and her guy were finished and stepped out she did not cover up but still appeared somewhat reluctant as she was moving with her body slightly bowed and her shoulders pushed forward (which actually let her boobs look kind of funny). But some of her shyness seemed to have gone away which gave me the confidence that she would probably be able to start enjoying the day at some point. When they moved out of the shower area she even looked over at us and said with a sweet Austrian accent something like that we could now use both showers.

*** Epilog ***

After the shower it was time for us to leave as we were getting hungry and dinner buffet was waiting for us. So we packed up and headed for the locker room. Right at the door we ran into a young family who was wrapped in white bathrobes and just about to enter the sauna area. They were four, a pretty mum and dad but two even more stunning teenage daughters. The older one was probably 18 at most and the other one was 1-2 years younger. Both had about the same height, the younger one had her dark hair pinned up pertly while her sister's hair was open and resting on her shoulders. For a short moment I regretted leaving too early but on the other hand, this day had already offered so much! And I did also not know whether I could have taken another ENF-drama when teen-sisters realized they had to strip off their clothes.
We went through the door into the locker room and my thoughts were somewhere between teen-sisters and dinner buffet when I spotted hipster-girl right straight ahead in the locker area. What baffled me most was the fact that she had put on her black drainpipe jeans and reddish hight-top Converse already but was still completely topless! She was standing in front of a mirror and fighting with her rebellious hair. I was looking at her from the side and her mosquito bites did definitely not make a good sideboob view but in the mirror I was able to clearly perceive her small pointy nipples. Eventually she was finished with her hair, put on a sleeveless shirt and a black hoody and gave us a "tschüss" when she passed and left the room.
Later that evening my girlfriend suddenly asked me whether I was looking at other women's boobs at the sauna. The question caught me a bit off guard, and I mumbled something like "nah, not intentional, erm, only when I could not really look somewhere else..". She answered in a surprising casual tone, that she actually enjoys to occasionally look at naked strangers and to study their anatomy. I tried to cover my surprise, just smiled and thought by me "if you would just know..".
As a nice bonus in the end, we saw shy-girl again the next day in the hotel lobby when we were about to check out. Apparently she and her boyfriend had just finished their checkout. She seemed to have restored her dignity after all as she was somewhat cocky arguing with the woman at the reception. She was damn cute looking in her brown vintage leather boots, tight blue jeans and beige, slim-cut winter jacket with a furry collar. It was nice seeing her like this and visualizing the scenes from the day before.

This was my first experience with European saunas and back then I just thought, wow that was exceptional and that I will never experience something like this again and will certainly not top it. Indeed, it took me another year before I went to a sauna again but since then I consider myself as a regular visitor and every time there is again at least one new situation that is still surprising, shocking, amusing or arousing. It just never gets boring in European saunas.