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SaM’s Place - Chapter 05 of 15 The Interview Begins

2022-08-07 00:00:03

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Sam stepped off the raised portion which had rotated through the wall and spoke with the ring of authority in his voice, "You realize, Evelyn, that these interviews are the only way to become a permanent part of SaM's Place. Money or position means nothing. The only thing that matters is what you are. The interview will determine if you are a true Master or Mistress. Maybe you are just a vanilla nobody traipsing through a humdrum existence. Perhaps you are in reality just a submissive slave waiting for the right Master or Mistress to claim you. By the end of this evening, we will know for sure."

He took Evelyn's hand as she rose from the table, "Are you ready to find out what you truly are?"

They walked a short distance down the hallway and into a brightly lit room. In some ways it resembled a court room. Twelve people sat in what would be a jury position. Each wore black robes and a mask which completely covered their faces. The men's mask were golden in color with curled, golden hair surrounding the face. The women's mask were silver with a crown and flowing straight hair on the sides. There may or may not have been spectators in the public chairs. Evelyn could not tell because that area was clothed in darkness.

Sam took a seat in the judge's chair and motioned for Evelyn to enter the witness box. The witnesses chair was a luxurious padded chair with a small table next to it on which sat a small glass of water, a few candies, and a small box of tissues.

"You may sit down," he said, and then he continued, "The rules of our little gathering are relatively simple. There are twelve jurors. Ten of them will ask you to tell us an episode from your life which shows your power as a Master or Mistress. At the end of the ten stories, if the jury is sufficiently impressed, you will become a permanent part of SaM's Place. If not..., well, we will deal with that if it occurs. This is your last chance to back out. Are you willing to proceed?"

Evelyn looked around the room and answered as haughtily as she could, "Of course."

Sam struck his gavel against the desk, "Then we are ready to begin. We start with juror number one."

One of the robed jury women rose and began to speak. Her voice was obviously electronically disguised and sounded strange as she spoke. "We will begin with something recent but insignificant. Please tell us something relatively minor which you have done in the past month which demonstrates your standing as a Mistress."

Evelyn thought for a moment and then smiled. "Just last week," she began, "I asserted myself in the humiliation of one of my office employees. I manage a rather large office in a business I inherited from my father. One of the secretaries is a rather timid Chinese girl by the name of Chang, or at least that is what is sounds like to me. Chang is always so aloof in that oriental way that is so irritating. It is almost like they think they are superior to us or something. In any case, I decided to take her down a peg or two."

Without anyone in the office knowing it, I had a keyboard supervisor program installed. Anything that anyone typed went into a log that I could read later. Since we allow personal emails during lunch and break times, this gave me some very interesting information about my employees, including their signon names and passwords for all their accounts. In Chang's case I also knew that her fiance' and his family were coming to pick her up from work on Friday night. I had noticed that whenever he was planning to pick her up she would wear one of those fancy silk dresses that those kind of people like to wear. I knew that she would be wearing something like that on Friday, and it would be perfect for my plan.

I began by giving my personal secretary and receptionist a special day off and told her not to tell anyone about it. Then on Friday, when she was not there, I called Chang to my office and told her that my secretary-receptionist had called in sick and she would have to substitute. Chang was very qualified for the position and could have handled it easily, but as soon as she sat down at the desk and tried to log onto the computer, it crashed. I rebooted it for her and she began working, but it again soon crashed. This repeated itself several times. I told her that my regular secretary had no problems with it. She said she had no idea what was happening.

I knew what was happening because I was triggering it. I had a program on my computer that could mimic a crash on any other computer on the network. Chang had no way of knowing that, or that it was all part of my plan to humiliate her. I explained to her that the ultra-high speed units on the second floor were very sensitive to static electricity. I asked her if she was wearing any combination of nylon and silk. Of course I knew she was. Her dress was silk. Her slip and pantyhose were nylon.

She answered, "My dress is pure silk. I guess my underwear is nylon. I didn't think that would make a difference."

I replied as haughtily as I could, "The problem is that you didn't think at all. The procedure manuals specify that silk and nylon are not to be worn together. I should just send you back downstairs, but I need those memos out today. You don't have time to go home and change, so just run into the restroom and remove your nylon under things."

I loved the way her face darkened. I knew she was very uptight about her body and the thought of being naked beneath a clinging silk dress was almost unbearable to her. "I couldn't do that," she stammered. I answered, "Do you want to keep your job or not? It's either the lady's room or the stairs. You can put your underwear back on after you have completed the work you need to do."

She just bit her lip and tears began to form in her eyes as she walked towards the lady's room. When she came back, she placed a small folded bundle of cloth in the desk drawer. It was obvious that there was nothing under the dress but her. She actually had a relatively nice body. Her perky tits were poking against the silk. In her embarrassment her nipples had become stiff, or maybe it was the result of rubbing against the silk as she walked. Part one of my plan was in place.

I had several complex memos and letters for her to finish and suggested that since they needed to be out today I would buy her lunch and she could eat at her desk. I knew what she would order and from where. She was not quite a vegetarian, but always chose a health salad from the deli instead of fast food. For someone else I would have had to come up with a plan to disguise the taste of the drug, but not with Chang. I knew that she would not taste the drug in the salad which she ordered. The drug has a nut-like taste which probably would have been noticed in a hamburger or sandwich, but not in a salad filled with nuts. It is also very easy to sprinkle the drug on the top of the salad like salt. This was almost too easy. The drug was a mild sedative which has a relaxing effect on a person, much like getting drunk. It also makes a person feel warm very, very warm.

After five or ten minutes, it was obvious that Chang was feeling the full effects of the drug. She kept pausing as she typed and fanning herself with some papers from the desk. I walked over to her and asked, "Aren't you a little young to be getting hot flashes?"

She turned almost crimson as she looked at me. "I really don't know what is going on," she answered.

"It is probably your silk dress," I replied. "You know that silk holds in body heat. Maybe if you lift it up to let your legs breath you will cool off" She looked very hesitant, but then I added, "There is a full panel on the front of your desk, no one will be able to see anything."

She fanned herself again and reached down to slide the dress up her legs. "You'll wrinkle it if you sit on it bunched up like that," I added. "You had better slide it all the way past your bottom."

Chang's eyes showed her fear, but the drug also affected her judgement just like alcohol would have. It was as if she had been slamming back Jello shots of vodka all afternoon. She looked around the office area to check that no one could see her and slid the dress to just beneath her waist. Part two of the plan was now in place.

She was sitting with her dress pulled up to her waist and her legs spread so that they would cool off. As far as she could tell, all of this was carefully hidden by the large desk at which she sat, but she didn't know the full properties of the video panel on the front of the desk.

My office is on the second floor with a staircase coming up just in front of the receptionist's desk. As the stairway turns to the final section of stairs, there is a large mirror on the wall. The first thing which anyone coming up the steps sees both in the mirror or as they come up the final portion of the steps is an animated logo of the company on the front of my secretary's desk. Exactly what is displayed on the video panel is controlled from my computer

What most people do not know is that the video screen is not a normal computer display. It is actually a piece of glass that can be adjusted from totally clear to totally black pixel by pixel just like a computer monitor. The animated logo is a mixture of black and dark grey and when you shut it off, it becomes black, so no one in the office has ever seen the glass totally transparent. It soon would be.

Chang could not see the logo panel from her desk because it was below her, but with the panel set to transparent, anyone coming up the steps could see directly under her desk. With her skirt hiked up and her legs spread, anyone coming up the stairs would get a real eyeful of oriental pussy, but I wasn't interested in just anybody. I wanted Chang completely humiliated, not just embarrassed in front of her co-workers.

I had Chang's email passwords and addresses and had emailed her fiance'‚ in Chang's name shortly after work began and told him that I (she) would be getting off work early and that at 3:00 he and his family should just come up to the second floor and pick me (her) up.

They did. It was marvelous.

I was waiting and watching the monitor on my desk and saw Chang's fiance'‚ and his parents enter. I activated the special display program that turned the panel totally clear. As soon as they started up the stairs I could hear his parents speaking loudly in Chinese and he trying to speak to Chang. I think she was slurring some of her words, though it was hard to tell since she wasn't speaking English. Finally I heard his parents shout one English word - "slut," and they stomped down the steps.

Chang's fiance'‚ came up to her desk and shouted at her in Chinese. He left immediately afterwards. Chang just sat at her desk and cried. Then I moved in for the coup de grace, "We can't have this kind of scene in the office Chang," I said firmly. And then added, "You can pick up your paycheck at the main reception desk on your way out."

Chang stood at her desk and looked at me crying. Her dress was still bunched up around her waist so she was naked from the waist down, but she was too upset and too affected by the drug to realize it. "You did this to me," she blubbered. "Why?"

I looked her in the eyes and calmly answered, "Because I can... and you can't prove that I did anything, so don't try or it will only be worse for you."

Sobbing... humiliated... defeated..., Chang straightened her dress and walked slowly down the stairs. She left her slip, panties and bra in the desk drawer. I thought of humiliating her further by calling out to her to come back for her undies, but then I realized that as soon as she got outside into the sunlight, it was going to be as if she was walking down the street naked. Besides, they would make a wonderful trophy to remind me in years to come of this afternoon's events. I took them home and put them in a special chest where I keep all my trophies.

Evelyn sighed slightly as she finished her story. She picked up the glass of water and sipped at it. Then she looked at the jury woman who was still standing facing her and said brightly, "Sometimes it is remembering the little things which can bring you pleasure for such a long time."

The jury woman spoke in her distorted voice. "Thank you Evelyn. That story tells us a great deal about you."

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