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My Loving Step Sisters (Part 3)

2022-05-16 00:00:03

Hi, everyone. Thank you for being patient. This will be the last part for a few weeks. I'm going to be busy for the next few weeks, so I won't have much time to write. Just know, in my absence, the series isn't over, and that I'm probably working on part 4 in my spare time!

NOTE: Jax is 18 now. She's still almost a year younger than Matt and Katie, as they will turn 19 soon. Thanks for your understanding!

Chapter 3: Track Day
"You WHAT?!" Katie screamed, covering her mouth with her hand. Jax and I were standing in front of her the morning after my night with Jax. The Fourth of July was on Saturday this year, so today, July 6th, is the day people headed back to work. Because of that, my dad and Jill were out of the house. It was just the girls and I, and of course Ben.

"Quiet down, Katie. You'll wake up Ben." Jax shushed Katie, receiving a scowl in return. We'd just told her about the night of fun we'd had, and she hadn't taken the news lightly, as you can see.

I had basically dropped the whole "this is wrong" thing. Do you remember how I compared the light and dark sides of my brain to Japan and the United States during World War II? Well, after those nukes were dropped, the light side hadn't died out. They were being held hostage. Now they were locked away somewhere in my brain. I could still hear the light side calling for me, but the sounds of the dark side kept me from getting distracted and releasing them.

If that makes any sense.

I nodded. "Yeah, we can't have Ben listening in on this."

Katie gave me an oblivious look. "Really, Matt?!" She said, stomping her foot. "Just yesterday you spewed shit about how wrong it would be."

I shrugged. "I don't know... something changed, I guess." I said, not really knowing why I actually was fine with this now.

Katie scoffed and stomped off, presumably to her bedroom. I sighed, and walked over to the sink. Jax slowly strode up to me placed a hand on my hip. I looked in surprise as she gripped my cock through my shorts. "More fun for me, I guess." I turned and looked into Jax's smiling face, her dimples being accented, when I noticed Ben walk in behind her.

"Hey, Ben." I said, swatting Jax's hand off of my cock. She smirked at me and sipped her coffee. I hid my semi from Ben.

Ben yawned, stretching. "What was all of that yelling about?" He said, scratching his head.

I shrugged. Jax piped up. "Don't worry about it." She said, sitting down on the table. I saw her take another sip of coffee, bringing the green mug to her mouth. Just remembering my cock being in that mouth got me hard.

Ben shrugged. "Whatever, if you say so." He walked to he fridge, pulling out the juice. I took that second to go talk to Katie. On the walk to her room, something hit me. What would we do if someone found out about the girls and I? I didn't know.

I knocked on Katie's door, waiting for a response. "Go away." She said, which just made me knock again.

I heard a sigh, and the click of her door unlocking. She swung it open and frowned. "What do you want?"

I flicked my head, motioning her to go into her room. "I want to talk."

She sighed again, opening up her door. "Fine."

I stepped into her room, and her door closed behind me. I took a seat on her bed, and she sat next to me. I put my arm on her shoulder. "I'm sorry that what happened between Jax and I happened..." I said, hoping she'd accept my apology.

She nodded, sighing. "I know... it was selfish of me. I should be the one apologizing." She put her head up against my shoulder. Her hair smelled like shampoo; she must have just taken a shower.

"No, it's alright... I understand..." I said, rubbing her shoulder.

She suddenly looked up at me. "Why did you change your mind?" She said, fidgeting. "About... Jax and I?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. Like I said before, a switch flicked on in my head and I couldn't control myself."

She nodded. "I see..." She slowly shifted her gaze to my shorts, my erection in view. "Whoa... why are you hard?"

I blinked, unaware I was even still hard. "Oh, uh... yeah, when you left, Jax grabbed me there and I got hard."

She frowned again. "She tried to go at you again? I haven't even gotten to yet." She immediately blushed. "I mean... if you even wanted to. I wouldn't really be surprised if you didn't." She said apologetically, pushing her jet black hair over her ear.

I was dumbfounded. "Katie... what are you talking about? You're beautiful." I said, seeing a spark of happiness in her eyes. "Of course I want--"

I stopped, aware what I was about to say. For a second, the light side was freed again. Should I be saying this? Do I really want to have sex with her? Before I could answer their questions, they were throw away, back into the darkness.

Katie looked into my eyes. "You want to... what?"

I stared at her, and she stared back. "I..." Lost for words, my brain took over, and the dark side answered for me. I put my hand on the back of Katie's head, and pulled her to me. I planted my lips on hers and kissed her. She was surprised, and didn't know what to do. I pulled away, and smiled. "I want to have sex with you."

She beamed. And I mean, beamed. She looked like she would cry. "You're kidding me? Right? This is a cruel joke?"

I shook my head, laughing. "No, Katie, I'm not. I... I don't really know. I just feel like I have to."

She jumped up and ran around her room, cheering. "Finally! I never thought it'd happen, but it finally did!" She shouted. I worried Ben would hear, but I'm sure Jax would know to distract him. I laughed, standing up. Seeing me stand up, she ran to me, arms outstretched. I opened my arms, and to my surprise, she jumped. She leapt into the air and into my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and her legs around my waist. I lost my balance and we fell back onto her bed. We were laughing, and I looked into her dark blue eyes. She was smiling, and looking into mine, laughing. I focused on the little beauty mark above her lip, and that curve of her nose...

Something happened, then. Within a second, in this position, and the way we saw each other, our looks went from happiness to lust. The transition was surprisingly blunt. First she was running around the room and jumping into my arms, and now she shoved her mouth onto mine.

Katie stuck her tongue in my mouth, and I immediately gained a full erection. She reached down and rubbed my cock through my shorts as she made out with me. She must apparently be living the dream. I watched her lean back, and slip her shirt off. She was not wearing a bra, and I saw those breasts I'd seen a year before. They were slightly larger, but just as beautiful, just like Jax's. Her nipples were the perfect size, her areolas about the size of a penny. I was in love. I leaned forward and shoved her right nipple in my mouth. As I lightly sucked her nipple, I almost ejaculated. Hell, I probably would have ejaculated so many times in a single minute that I had a heart attack. For the first time in 18 years, I heard one of my sisters moan.

It took me aback. I stopped sucking for a second; I had to savor this moment. When Katie moaned, it wasn't too loud, it wasn't too quiet. It was more like a half squeak, half moan than an actual moan. It was adorable.

In lust for more of her moaning, I sucked on her nipples more, but harder. She seemed to like it, moaning louder than before. I've said before that the girls' laughter was music to my ears, but I had to add their moans to the list now. I couldn't stand it. I kissed her on the lips, and without thinking, blurted, "I love you."

She stared at me, shocked. I saw her eyes start to water, and she squinted them shut. "I... I love you, too." She immediately threw her arms around my neck and started crying.

I felt awkward, and didn't know what to do. I hugged her back. "Katie, what's wrong?"

She leaned back and wiped her eyes. "It's just... I never thought I'd ever hear you say that..." She said, sniffling, before hugging me again. I let her hold me for a while, and it started to sound like she was done. She pulled away, wiping her nose, and half laughed, half sighed. "Fuck, Matt."

I chuckled, feeling happy Katie was happy again. I was suddenly aware of my erection again. Katie was on my cock, her clothed pussy pushing against it. She felt it now too, and lightly rubbed back and forth. Katie slowly grinded on me, causing my breathing to quicken. She looked so proud, knowing that what she was doing pleasured me, so she sped up. I reached over to her and placed my hands on her hips, rubbing her legs as she moved. She smiled, and started rubbing her tits, starting to feel her own pleasure now. I was now grabbing her hips, pulling and pushing her against my cock. She giggled, and steadied herself. "You're having fun, huh?"

I nodded, and realized too late that I was almost at ejaculation. I tried to stop, but I felt my balls tighten. Surprised, I let out a moan and fell back. I felt cum shoot out of my cock and wet the inside of my shorts. Katie stopped, slowly reaching down to feel the area. Realizing it was wet, she jokingly frowned at me. "C'mon, Matt." She said, putting her hands on her hips.

I blinked in embarrassment. "Sorry, Katie."

She shrugged, and hopped off of me. "That's alright. I understand." She scooted up the bed so she was next to me. "I can't believe that actually just happened..."

I shook my head. "Me neither."

She giggled and put her head on my chest. I just laid there, feeling Katie's breath on my chest, watching her stomach slowly rise and fall. I realized, when she started breathing heavily and let a moan slip, that she was fingering herself. When she saw that I'd noticed, she smiled. "What?" She said seductively. "Can't a girl have some fun?"

I smiled and laughed. She laughed and turned her head to me. She planted a kiss on my lips and started kissing me. I felt her moaning into my mouth as she fingered herself. I reached over and played with her left nipple, which only added to the moaning. Suddenly, I felt Katie stop kissing me. I leaned back to see her eyes were squinted, her mouth was open, and she was moving her hand pretty quickly. She let out a moan, and shuddered. She fell onto my chest again, moaning and panting. "Holy shit." She said, recovering from her orgasm. She pulled her fingers up to her face, sticking her index and middle fingers in her mouth and sucking.

I sighed, and lightly rubbed her tits. "Katie, you're fucking amazing."

She smirked with her fingers in her mouth. Taking them out, she added, "I try." She patted my crotch and sat up. "Well, looks like we're done for now. Maybe we can have some actual fun later?" She said, looking at me in a mockingly seductive way.

I laughed. "Yeah, I'd like that." I said, sitting up on the bed myself. I watched Katie as she slipped her shirt back on. She adjusted it, smiling when she saw me watching. "C'mon, let's go."
She opened up the door when I had my clothes on, and we walked out. Heading down the hallway, I heard explosions and gunshots in Ben's room. Luckily, his video game had been loud enough to drown out any sound Katie or I had made.

I looked down at Katie's ass and legs as we walked. Her ass looked so nice in her tight shorts, and her legs had been toned from her several years of track. That's when a realization hit me. My friends had been right all along; I was lucky. Two of the hottest girls I'd ever met loved me, and wanted to please only me. It was surreal, to say the least.

Over the last day, I'd thought about Katie and Jax. I had started to put them in different categories based on their personalities (which I've spoken about in the past, if you remember correctly.) Katie is the kind of girl you want to make love to, and cuddle with when you're done. Jax on the other hand, although being somewhat part of that first category, is the kind of girl you want to fuck, and the kind of who wants to be fucked. It's weird how throughout my entire life, the girls' personalities had put them in these groups, and I hadn't even noticed.

Apparently, I was in the category who enjoyed fucking their step sisters.

I thought about how my life would change. Jax was my first; we had a bond now. It would feel weird not being with her. Katie, on the other hand, was amazing in the bedroom, from what I've seen so far. It would suck not to have her or that body in my life. If I ever had a future girlfriend, would I find a way to love her body, or would I picture the girls instead? That was no way to live.

That forced the question into my head: do I love the girls? Not their bodies, but them? They seemed to love me, so why wouldn't I love them? I could see myself growing up with Katie, getting married, having kids, retiring, dying. We were compatible enough. And Jax...

I could honestly say the same thing about Jax. Sure, we hadn't talked much to each other the past few years, in comparison to Katie and I, but we still talked quite a bit. We had similar personalities, like how we enjoyed the same dirty jokes and the same shows, and...

I noticed yet another thing. Like my brain, the girls were two different sides. Katie was the light side, and Jax was the dark side. Katie, the light, kind, loving side; and Jax, the dark, dirty, naughty side. I wasn't sure which I enjoyed more. Would I one day have to choose a favorite? I could only ever marry one of the girls, unless we got into polygamy. The other would be so sad, and I would always feel bad about it...

I decided I was looking too far into the future, and should just enjoy the present.
Katie and I walked into the kitchen, to see Jax at the table. She raised an eyebrow. "What were you two up to?"

Katie smiled, shrugging. "Nothing..." She blushed, getting a cup from the cupboard. I glanced at Jax, who smirked at me before taking a sip from her mug.

I clapped my hands together and rubbed them, ready to change the conversation. "So, what are we doing today?" I said, taking a seat at the table.

Katie turned from the fridge, a cup in her hand. "Well, don't forget about my track meet today." She said, looking back in the fridge.

I shook my head, realizing I'd forgotten. For some reason, our school ran the track program in the summer, alongside the other school districts' track programs. Track seemed like a thing that should happen during the school year, not before it. "Sorry, Katie, I completely forgot about that." I said, scratching my head. "I've had a lot on my mind recently..." I said, bringing a laugh from both of the girls.

Jax smiled. "You really have!" She said, placing the cup on the table. I noticed that I was staring at her dimples again. Something about them... they used to be cute, but now they were somehow sexy. I glanced over to Katie, who was turning from the fridge, holding milk. I looked at the beauty mark on her lip, noticing that that too was sexy now. It was strange, but I fucking loved it.
It was later in the day now, around 5pm. Our parents were getting home, getting ready to head for Katie's track meet, which started at 6pm. Jax and I were sitting in the living room, waiting to leave, while Katie was presumably getting ready in her room. Jax and I had been playing on the Xbox for most of the day. Whenever the two of us were home alone and bored, we would go on our Xbox accounts and try to grow our gamerscore, a kind of currency that grows as you unlock achievements in games. We had gotten our accounts passed the 100,000 mark, but we didn't care. We wanted to keep going, so we did. Katie was much less of a fan of games, as she was more of a movie type of girl.

I glanced over at Jax to see she was slipping her shoes onto her feet, over her black ankle socks. I had to suppress my cravings, fearing of the ridicule I'd get for my fetish.

I thought about it for a second. Maybe they wouldn't ridicule me. If they love me so much, and want to please me, they'd use any parts of their bodies to do so. And Katie has already rubbed me with her foot, so it's not out of the question. I decided that even if I did want to tell Jax, now was not the time. I shut off the console, noticing that it was almost time to leave. Jax and I strolled down the hallway, toward the front door. Katie's door opened as we passed it, and I immediately noticed her short running shorts, showing off those smooth legs...

I shook my head. Now was not the time to get a boner. There was no reason. Katie smiled at us as we passed, before falling in step behind us.

We walked down the driveway to the car, where our parents and Ben were waiting. I opened the side door of the car, noticing that Ben was in the very back of the van. Katie opened the door on the other side of the car, stepping into it. I felt a push behind me. Turning, I saw Jax smirking. "Ladies first." She said, giggling.

I scoffed and sat in the car. Scooting over next to Katie, I made room for Jax and buckled my seatbelt. I was now in the middle seat between Jax and Katie. I glanced over to my left, smiling at Katie, before turning to Jax, talking about the gamerscore we'd gotten that day so far.

Out of nowhere, I felt a hand brush my leg, and then my cock. I turned quickly to see Katie was laying her hand on my dick, lightly squeezing it. I looked at Katie now, who winked at me, before moving her eyes to my parents, scared of being caught. I moved my hips so she had a better grip of my cock through my pants. I looked over to Jax, who had a look of jealousy on her face. She smirked at me, grabbing my hand. Lifting it, she subtly placed it to her chest. I lightly squeezed her tits through her shirt. They felt very soft, and memories of the night before rushed back to me.

Before I knew it, sadly, we were at the school. The school was only about five minutes away, so the girls and I walked there during the school year. The girls and I slowed our quickened breaths, and stepped out of the car. I could feel my boner pushing against my shorts, so when no one was looking, I readjusted, so that I would at least not feel pain from my cock pushing against my shorts.

I said a sad goodbye to Katie, who ran off towards her friends, while Jax and I walked behind Ben and our parents chatting. The topic of our fun in the car didn't even come up. I smiled to myself; this whole "step sibling sex" thing was working out great. The girls and I chatted and had fun, played video games, or watched movies, and when we were bored we could just fuck, no strings attached. I was liking the way this relationship looked.

The five of us found seats on the bleachers, pretty close to the top. I pulled out my phone; I'd only care when Katie ran, anyway. My dad ran off to the bathroom, Ben going with him, and Jax and I remained at the bleachers with our mom. I looked up from my phone to the track, where I eventually found Katie. She was stretching, chatting and laughing with her friends. I wondered how many guys were staring at her from the crowd when I realized Jax had started talking.

I blinked. "What?" I said, sounding confused.

Jax sighed, shaking her head. "I said, 'Do you want to go get some food?'"

I thought for a second. I was hungry. I glanced to my right, over the side of the bleachers, to see a fairly large line at the concession stand. I checked my watch. There was still some time left before Katie competed, so we could afford to wait in the line. "Sure, I'm up for that."

Jax smiled, forming those arousing dimples again. "I figured you would. Let's go." She said, standing up. I followed, stepping behind her down the stairs of the bleachers. She swung around the railing onto the ramp at the bottom of the stairs. We made out way underneath the bleachers on the way to the food stand. As I turned to go to the food stands, I noticed Jax was turning the other direction.

I stopped walking, confused. "Jax, where are you going?"

She looked over her shoulder. "Can't a girl use the bathroom in peace?" She smiled, before looking back towards the restrooms. I smirked, slowly shaking my head. Walking over to the bleachers, I stood underneath them, leaning on a pole in the ground. I turned around, looking through the spaces beneath the seats of the bleachers. I could see the backs of people's ankles. One girl in particular was wearing a cute pair of sandals. I was ogling at her smooth heel lecherously when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see it was Daniel. I smiled. "Hey, Daniel. I didn't know you were coming."

He made a face of surprise. "What? And miss seeing a bunch of girls in short shorts run around a track? How could I miss that?" He said, laughing. "Hey, what are you doing down here?"

I flicked my head towards the bathrooms. "Jax is in there. We were just heading over to the food."

Daniel stopped listening when I said Jax was in the restroom. He was probably thinking about how her pussy was out right now, even though there was urine coming out of it. And I couldn't blame him.

He shook his head to clear it. "Well, see ya man. I'm missing out on the fun!" We said our goodbyes and I leaned back on the pole. Staring into the woods behind the school, I wondered where Jax was. I looked over to the restrooms, failing to see her walk out of the doors. Sighing, I looked back to the food stand. There was one guy left in the line. Jax better hurry, the next race is about to start. What if we miss Katie? I looked back to the restrooms. As I looked at the doors, waiting for one to open, I was startled when a hand reached out and grabbed my arm. I gasped as it yanked me further under the bleachers, out of sight from the food stand. I was further surprised when I realized it was Jax.

"Whoa, Jax! When did you get out of the bathroom? How'd you get over here?" When I realized she was looking at me in a strange, excited way, I squinted my eyes. "What? What's wrong?"

Jax answered, but not with words. She stood up on her tiptoes, and planted her lips onto mine. I was taken aback. I pulled back quickly, scared that someone would see. "Whoa, Jax... What are you doing?"

She laughed. "Well, I was getting really horny up there on the bleachers, and I figured... maybe we could have some fun?" She said, half smiling. My eyes kept wandering to those dimples.

I scratched my arm. "Jax, I don't know..."

She placed her hand around my arm, just below my elbow. "C'mon, Matt... let's have some fun." She fully smiled now, reaching down to my shorts. I took a second to look at her body. In Florida during the summer, the nights are opposite to the day, as it can get pretty chilly, for Florida standards. In this case, Jax was wearing a light zip up hoodie, and a light pair of jeans, with her flip flops. I looked her body up and down as her hand slipped into my pants. She lightly gripped my cock, gently stroking it. I turned around cautiously.

"What if someone sees us?" I whispered, suddenly conscious of the people right above our heads.

She smirked. "We'll figure that out when we get there." She planted her lips back onto mine, and I lost all of my nausea. Whatever fear I had meant nothing when I realized I was kissing this blonde beauty behind the bleachers, if you can pardon my alliteration. I honestly didn't care if someone saw us.

I felt Jax's lips pop off of mine, and she slowly bent down. I looked around slowly as she slipped my cock out of my shorts. I'd forgotten to wear warmer clothes, but it luckily wasn't that cold anyways. I looked down into the gorgeous green eyes that stared into mine, as Jax wrapped her mouth around the head of my cock. I clenched my fist, in the intense pleasure that followed. This was my second blowjob ever, let alone from Jax, and it was just as good as the first time. Maybe it was better.

She took most of my cock down her throat as I gripped my hand onto the pole. Jax bobbed her head up and down my shaft, causing huge amounts of pleasure to pulse through me. I was ready for Jax to just continue like this until I finished, when I felt her pull me out. She wiped her mouth, and sighed.

"Shit. This is fun for me, and all, but my knees fucking hurt." She said, slowly standing up. I looked down on the ground, it finally occurring to me that the ground behind the field and bleachers was entirely made of gravel. I grabbed Jax's ass from behind her and pulled her close to me, her chest pushing against mine.

"Well, honey, you can't just leave a guy hanging like that." I said, teasing her.

She smiled again. "Oh, I don't plan to." To my surprise, she unzipped her hoodie, revealing that she wasn't wearing a shirt or bra below it. I saw her perfect tits, her nipples peaking around the two sides of her jacket. I watched in awe as Jax turned around. Her hand moved to her crotch. I watched her unzip her jeans, undoing the button, and slipping her jeans just below her ass. The jeans were tight enough on her that they stayed in place, rather than falling to the ground. She was wearing a pair of white underwear that had hot pink edges. It looked very cute on her, but I didn't have much time to see it. It too slipped down, revealing her smooth, tight ass cheeks. Jax turned her head, just far enough to see me, and giggled when she saw my face. She leaned forward, laying her hands on the back of a row on the bleachers. Her fingers were just inches away from touching someone's shoes...

... but I didn't care. All I could do was look at her beautiful ass. Bending over caused her ass cheeks to slightly spread, which revealed her asshole. It was the first anus I'd seen with my own eyes, and I loved it. Looking slightly further down, I saw Jax's pussy. From behind, I could tell her pussy lips were puffy, and overall, it looked... delicious, if that's a good way to put it.

She looked over her shoulder, smiling in excitement. "Well? Are you just going to stare?"

I shook my head, not using words. I stepped slowly, getting closer and closer to my destination. I gripped my cock in my hands, ecstatic for this eventful moment. Jax was reaching around her back now, rubbing her pussy. As I neared, I heard a wet squishing sound; luckily, Jax had already gotten pretty wet.

"Jax, are you sure we should do this?" I said, feeling sudden doubts. "Here, I mean?" I'd read stories and watched a few pornos about this. What was it called... exhibitionism? Yeah, that was it.

Jax looked over her shoulder, into my eyes, while still rubbing her pussy. "Yes, Matt. Fuck me." She whispered, emphasizing the word.

That was all I needed. I stepped up behind Jax's ass, positioning my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I leaned forward, finally making contact. A wave of pleasure coursed through my body. My cock was lightly pushing against Jax's hole. A short, gaspy moan escaped Jax's lips, and her hands gripped the bleachers. "Oh, fuck yeah, Matt!" She whispered, pushing back against my dick.

I exhaled, probably too loudly, and pushed my cock into her pussy. I felt her walls wrap tightly around the head of my dick and crawl down my shaft as I pushed further. I could hear Jax breathing heavily now, reaching between her legs to touch her clit. I grabbed the sides of Jax's ass for leverage, and slid a bit further into her. My cock was about halfway inside of her now, and the pleasure was immense. I lightly started pulling out, gasping as I felt her walls grip and squeeze my dick. As I pulled back, I saw that Jax was looking at me now. She smiled, and softly bit her lower lip. "I can't believe this is finally happening." She softly moaned, before looking away.

I smiled to myself. I couldn't believe it either. I pushed back into her, feeling her body shake in pleasure.

It occurred to me, again, that this was almost illegal. Jax had just turned 18 a few months ago, and if we had done this before then...

I decided not to think too much into it. I started to pick up some speed. If we were doing this like this, in the open, this couldn't be love making. This had to be a good, fast orgasm. For both of us.

She moaned, a little louder than before, but the volume of the crowd appeared to drown out any sound Jax made. She looked back over her shoulder. "Oh, yeah, fuck me, Matty!"

I widened my eyes in curiosity. That was fucking hot. She was talking like a porn star does. I had no idea that girls actually did that. I was glad they did, though.

I could feel my balls slapping against Jax's thighs, which somehow increased the pleasure. Jax was pushing back on me as I thrusted now, wanted more of me in her. Her hand flew up to her mouth, and I heard a squeal, muffled by her hand and by the crowd. She was doing half of the thrusting now, and I couldn't help but stare at her ass as she did the work for me. I grabbed her ass cheeks and lightly spread them, revealing the hole. It looked so tight, and I imagined my dick sliding in and out of it...

My hunger went away when I felt a burning sensation in my balls. I was going to cum, and very soon. "Jax... I'm going to cum..." I tried to slow her down, but Jax reached around and grabbed me.

"No, Matt, fuck, don't stop me. I'm on the pill!" She said, her face morphing into a moan.

That's all I needed. My balls tightened and I felt a spurt of cum shoot out of my cock. Jax moaned once more, arching her back and squinting her eyes. She appeared to be having an orgasm as well. Good timing. It was the first time I'd seen Jax have an orgasm. When her mouth shaped the "O" that signified her orgasm, it revealed those little dimples of hers, making me shoot another load of cum inside of her. I was gripping her ass cheeks as our orgasms passed. I took a second to breath, realizing I hadn't done much of that during the intercourse. Jax was panting as well, looking up at me. "Matt, that was everything I dreamed it would be, and more!" She said, smiling again.

I smiled back, pulling out my cock slowly. Excess pleasure swept through my body as I pulled out, my head rubbing against her walls.

Jax wiped her forehead, and sighed. "Fuck, Matt. That was fun."

I nodded, sliding my pants up my legs. "Yeah... I guess it was."

She pulled up her own pants, and spun around, hugging me. "It was even more fun because it was in public." She said, adjusting the crotch of her shorts. "Shit, I'm gonna have to clean myself after this..."

I was confused at first, but suddenly realized what she'd meant. Semen is liquid, and when the surface, Jax's body, is lifted, the liquid runs...

I decided not to think about that, and followed Jax in the direction to the stands. Before we headed up the ramp I reached forward and grabbed her shoulder, causing her to spin around in confusion. "What?" She said, crossing her arms.

I flicked my head in the direction of the food stand. "We should probably get something from there first..." I said, remembering that our family had seen us leave for food.

She nodded. "Smart."

We waited in line, got a few little things, and headed back up the bleachers. My step mom was still there, and at some point, Ben and my dad had made it back. Our mom looked at us when we approached, throwing her hands in the air. "Where have you guys been?"

I shrugged. "There was a long line."

Nodding, our parents looked back to the field. "Well, you almost missed Katie."

We were about to sit down, when I looked at Ben's face. He was squinting his eyes suspiciously. I squinted back. "What's your problem?"

He looked over to the stand before looking back at me. "There wasn't a long line at all..."

A wave of fear rushed through me, but I couldn't let him know that. "Well, actually, it was, Ben." I said, sitting down next to Jax. Ben shrugged and shook his head. That was close...

I looked out at the field, and saw Katie standing in her spot on the track. Jax nudged me, causing me to look over at her. "What, Jax?"

She winked. "We should do that again sometime." She whispered, showing off those dimples again. I smiled back, noticing Ben was still staring at us suspiciously. I brushed it off, and prepared for Katie's race, hoping nothing would come from Ben's suspicion.
I jumped up and cheered when Katie crossed the finish line in first place. Jax was up next to me and clapping, and the rest of our family were cheering as loud as us. I even saw some guys from our school cheer as she crossed the line and went to the sideline. I could see a smile on her face from up in the bleachers. I decided to go see her. My shoes caused a clang on the bleachers as I jumped down the steps, making the guys from our school look back at me. I nodded to them, and kept going. I headed down the ramp and swung around the bar, feeling an erection start to grow as I passed the spot Jax and I had just been in. I slapped the pole that supported the bleachers, smiling to myself, and headed for the field.

Katie's smile grew even larger when she saw me. I walked up to her with my arms open, but she didn't wait, and sprinted into my arms. She smelled of deodorant, and her body felt warm against mine. I looked past her as she was in my arms, looking into the crowd. I could see the guys from school cross their arms and scoff, obviously in jealousy of me.

My attention came back to Katie as she pulled back from our hug. "Seems like you're happy to see me." She smirked, reminding me of my erection.

I could feel my face turning red. "Oh... yeah, sorry..."

She giggled. "No, I think it's cute." She said, before slipping past me to talk to the rest of our family. I decided I wouldn't tell her that I was actually hard for Jax, as that would probably ruin the moment.

I stood against the fence, watching Katie chat with her friends, waiting for our family to get down from the bleachers, when I felt an arm go around my shoulder. When I realized who it was, disgust coursed through my veins.

Dominic was a football player in my grade. It was well known throughout the school that Dom had a thing for Katie. It was also known that I hated everything about him. To be fair, most people disliked him. I used to cringe every time he hit on Katie, seeing her try to politely decline the meathead douchebag, but I recently had decided to step in and stand up for her. It was a very bad decision in the long run. Dom just pushed Katie further, and sent more of his hatred towards me.

"Hey, Matty boy." He said, smiling his rich-kid smile at me again. I knew exactly what he planned to do. Start the conversation with a friendly attitude and slowly verge into the rude, demeaning personality of the real Dom.

"What do you want?" I spat, brushing his arm off of me.

Dom scoffed, and threw his arms in the air, as if he were offended. "Whoa, bud, no need to be so hostile." He said, lightly pushing my shoulder. "So listen, man. You know how I have this little thing for your sister?"

I nodded, already impatient. "Yeah, everyone does."

He smirked again. "Y'know how I want to bang her, too, then?"

The comment was to rile me up, but I chose to ignore it. Even though it did role me up inside. "Your point?"

He laughed. "Well, I totally plan on doing that."

I scoffed. "Yeah, good luck with that."

He raised his eyebrows. "Oh, my bad. She's probably too busy fucking you." Waiting for my violent reaction, he smiled and laughed. "Just kidding, pal. Anywho, I need your help to get your sister in my bed."

I laughed now. "Like I'd help you."

He passive-aggressively laughed back. "Well, if you don't, I'll just darken that other eye of yours. Have a good rest of your summer!" He smiled, patting my shoulder and walking away.

I sighed. He wasn't kidding, either. Just a year earlier, he'd punched me in my left eye. He would have gotten in trouble, had he not been Dominic. Dom's father was a very rich and well known guy, so nobody fucked with his oldest son. Which I thought was bullshit.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. Turning, I saw it was Katie. She was frowning. "What happened?"

I shrugged. "He wants me to get you to... fuck him." I said, deciding it was alright to swear.

Katie scoffed. "Ha! Like that'd ever happen!" She said, repeating my words from earlier.

I laughed. "That's what I told him."

She smiled warmly. "Matt, no matter what he said to you, don't listen. It isn't worth it." She said, putting her arm back on my shoulder.

I smiled back. "Don't worry, Katie. I know."

The two of us started chatting once more and headed for our family, who was standing by the bleachers. As we approached, Jax high-fived her sister. "Good job out there, K."

I smiled. The girls sometimes jokingly called each other "K" and "J". I thought it was pretty cute.

Katie giggled. "Thanks, Jax." We chatted a little more, as I kept an eye out for Dom, until we all headed for the car. I hopped back into the middle seat, feeling my sisters warm bodies next to mine. Ben sat in the back seat, doing whatever it is that he did. The car ride was mostly silent, but I felt the occasional brush of a hand near my cock.
I stepped through the doorway of our house, making my way to the living room. I heard my parents in the doorway, stepping in behind Jax. "Now, kids, remember. The money's on the counter." My step mom said.

My dad laughed. "It's date night!"

I laughed without looking back. "Dad, every night is date night."

We said our goodbyes and I heard the front door slam. I sat down on the couch, and turned on our Xbox. I saw Jax pass by and almost walk into her room, before stopping and turning to me. "Wait for me, I'll play."

I nodded, watching Katie step into her own room. When I was left alone in the room, I noticed movement by the entranceway to the living room. It was Ben.

"Hey Ben, what's up?" I said, looking back to the screen.

He didn't answer. "I know what's going on."

I felt the wave of fear again. I put on my bluffing face and turned to him. "Ben, what are you talking--"

Ben held his hand up. "Save it. You can't hide what you're doing. Between you and Jax." He must have seen something in my eyes, because he laughed. "See, I knew it!"

I was about to give an excuse, but I sighed. "Fine, you little prick. What do you want from me?"

He thought for a second. "You do my chores. For a year."

I scoffed. "Oh yeah? Or what?"

"I'll tell dad." He said, shifting his weight to his other foot.

I froze, suddenly terrified of my younger brother. "... Fuck. Fine, fine."

He smiled. "Good." He walked to his room and closed the door. I sat on the couch for a few minutes until I heard Jax's door open. I glanced over at her to see she was wearing a large shirt and pajama pants. "Alright, what are we going to play?"

We decided on Halo. We were working on a Legendary run of the campaign. When Jax noticed something was wrong, she paused the game. I looked over at her. "What's wrong?" She said, crossing her arms. In strange, rare moments, Jax dropped her joking, bad-girl attitude and actually seemed like she cared about people.

I was about to hide it, but I realized that I didn't have a reason to. "Oh, well... I think Ben knows about us..."

Her eyes widened. "What?!"

I nodded. "Yeah. He's apparently making me do his chores for a year to cover it up."

She scoffed, shaking her head. "That little shit..." She looked up at me, and bit her lip thinking in silence for a few seconds. Suddenly, she stood up and walked towards Ben's door. "You owe me, Matt." She slowly started slipping her shirt off, revealing her tits.

I stared in awe for a few seconds, before it hit me what was about to happen. "Whoa, Jax, are you sure you want to do this?"

She laughed, shrugging. "Hey, he's just a smaller version of you, right? How bad can it be?" Jax knocked on Ben's door and opened it without an answer. She stepped inside.

"Jax...?" Ben said, as Jax closed the door.

I sat in the living room in silence for a while, listening. I couldn't hear anything, but I knew what was going on in there. I was actually jealous of Ben.

After a few more minutes, Ben's door opened. Jax stepped out, her shirt back on. She sat down next to me. I looked over at her, but she only returned a blank stare. "What?" She said innocently.

I scoffed. "Well, tell me what happened."

She laughed. "Well, he tried to fight it at first, but he's just as convincible as you were." She giggled, gently pushing my shoulder. When she saw my look of disgust, she laughed. "Don't worry, Matt. That didn't happen. Turns out he just has a foot fetish! I let him suck my toes for a bit! Isn't that funny?" She said, holding in her laughter.

I felt a jolt of hurt from this. I couldn't blame her, though, as she didn't know about my fetish. As I thought about it some more, Ben's door opened. Ben stepped out, his face red, as he avoided eye contact with Jax or I.

I cleared my throat. "So, Ben... about that deal..."

I slowly shook his head. "No... it's okay... don't worry about it..." He said, walking to the bathroom. When the door closed, Jax and I started laughing.
A hour or so later, Jax yawned and said she was going to sleep. I nodded, saying goodnight, and turned the Xbox off. I wasn't tired, so I decided to turn the TV on.

A few minutes after Jax's door closed, almost as if on cue, Katie's opened. She was still wearing her track clothes, for some reason. I'd figured she'd have taken a shower by now...

Katie didn't smell, though. She smelled as if she had taken a shower, but it didn't seem like she had. She was even still wearing her shoes.

She smiled when she saw me. "Oh, hey, Matt! Whatcha watchin'?" She said, taking a seat next to me. We talked about the show for a while, and about her track meet, when Katie groaned and threw her head back.

"Ohhhhh, my gooood. My feet are killing me." She said, swiveling her feet at the ankles. "Do you think Jax is awake? Maybe she'll give me a foot rub."

I was stunned. Should I take a chance? My brain had already decided that it would. "No, she isn't, she told me she went to sleep. I... I could give you one, if you want."

She blushed, and shook her head. "No, that's okay. They probably smell, anyways..." She laughed, bending her knees and pulling her legs up to her.

I felt my cock harden. "Well, that's perfect." I said. I was met with a look of confusion, so I panicked and gave a reason. "Oh, because I'm kind of sick... I can't smell anything."

She nodded. "Oh, okay... I mean, if you say so..." She said, putting the right heel on the toe of her left shoe. "Thanks, Matt, I really need this." She kicked the shoe off of her heel, and slipped it off. This revealed a black ankle sock to me. A smell hit my nose within seconds, and my cock hardened even more. I needed her toes in my mouth...

Her toes dug into the heel of her other shoe, pulling it off. Her feet were now shoeless, and two wet pairs of socks were presented to me. She placed them near my lap, and I was scared she'd notice my erection. "Whenever you're ready." She smiled, her beauty mark raising as her lip did.

I reached down and grabbed her left foot. Her socks were wet to the touch, and just feeling her foot made me harder. I dug my thumbs into her soles, massaging the muscles of her soles. I looked up to see her head was back and her eyes were closed. She seemed to be enjoying it, so I kept doing what I was doing.

Making sure she wasn't looking, I slowly switched to using one hand. When I was sure the transition worked, I brought my unused hand to my mouth. Sticking my fingers in my mouth, I sucked on them, tasting the flavor of Katie's foot. It was lightly salty. It was the first time I'd ever tasted a girls foot, and it was amazing.

When I put my other hand back on her feet, I heard her sigh. She opened her eyes and looked at me. "Hey, Matt, this is good, but I feel like it could be better..."

I slowly nodded. Yeah, it can be. "Well, it'll probably feel better if you take your socks off."

She thought about it for a second, before shrugging. "Alright, why not?"

I took my cue. I slowly slid my thumb under Katie's tight black sock. I slowly peeled it up her foot. It passed over her smooth heel, and her arches, releasing a clearer smell as it was removed. I brought the sock over the ball of her foot, and the sock easily came off from their, revealing her cute, long toes. There was her foot, there in front of me. So close to my mouth...

I shook my head. I did the same to her other sock, until both of her feet were bare, the soles lightly wrinkled. I slowly looked up at Katie, who was looking back at the TV. I placed my hand back onto her feet, rubbing the smooth yet rough skin of her soles. I pushed my thumbs into her arches, rubbing it in a circle, watching her skin dip under my fingers. The smell making its way into my nostrils was arousing, almost intoxicating. I felt like I was in a trance.

I was squeezing her toes when I realized Katie was talking. I stopped, looking up to her. "What did you say?"

She laughed. "I said that I'm okay now. Thanks, Matt." She smiled.

Hesitantly, I moved my hands from her feet. "Yeah, no problem." I said, rubbing my nose to get the last of the scent off of my hands.

Katie and I sat in silence watching the TV. I could feel my eyes drooping. At some point I'd closed my eyes, but I didn't notice it. I started to drift off to sleep...

My eyes shot open. I looked down at my crotch to see Katie's foot rubbing up and down my shorts. My cock was still hard from before.

I looked up at Katie. She was smiling, staring at my cock. "I knew it... my feet make you hard, don't they...?" She said, not looking at me.

I started to think of an excuse, but my brain replied immediately. "They... they do..."

She beamed. She wiggled her toes on my cock. "Well, have fun."

My jaw dropped open. I stared at her, waiting for some kind of confirmation. When she giggled and nodded, I jumped straight to her feet. I grabbed her foot, placing the heel in my palm. I brought her foot up to my nose. I stuck my nose under her toes, inhaling the scent. I felt my cock pushing against my shorts. I moved her foot down to my mouth, and kissed her toes. I opened my mouth, and for the first time, stuck her toes in it. I closed my lips around her toes, and lightly sucked on them, the flavor covering my tongue. I pulled her toes out of my mouth, and dragged my tongue down the length of her sole to the heel. I placed my mouth around her heel, sucking on it, and heard Katie giggle. As I moved my tongue back up her foot, I felt her hand reach into my pants. I stuck her big toe in my mouth as my cock was pulled out of my shorts. Katie stroked my cock slowly as I switched to her other foot. I re-experienced the tastes of her feet on the other foot, licking the entire way down.

By the time I was done, both of her feet were covered in saliva. I couldn't take it anymore. I'd subconsciously been waiting for this moment for years now. I grabbed her feet by the ankles and positioned them near my cock. I was stopped by Katie's hand. I looked up at her and she smiled. "Let me."

I leaned back and watched as Katie nudged my cock with her right foot. She pushed her toes under my cock, pushing it up so it rested against her foot. She brought her left foot up on the other side of my cock. My cock was finally between Katie's feet.

She put her elbows on the arm of the couch behind her as she slowly lifted her legs. Her rough soles crawled their way up my cock, sending pleasure through my body. Her soles passed over the tip of my penis, before slowly gliding back down my cock. I was already so close to cumming, with all of this foreplay.

I couldn't take it. I reached down and placed my hands on the tops of her feet. I lightly pushed on them, creating more pressure. I moved her feet up and down my cock quickly, jerking off with them. I felt my balls tighten, and the bucket of pleasure inside of me was overflowing and about to spill. I moaned as I let go, and cum shot up into the air. Semen landed on my stomach and on Katie's feet. I sighed as another rope of cum shot out, landing on her toes. Katie was ooh-ing and ah-ing and laughing as my orgasm passed. I leaned back and sighed. "Fuck, Katie. That was amazing."

She smiled at me. "Hey, I had to repay you for that great foot rub, right?" She giggled. She looked down at her feet for a second, then pulled one up to her mouth. She stuck her toes in her mouth, sucking the cum off. She cleaned the cum from both of her feet and smacked her lips. "Not bad..."

I laughed. "I've always dreamed of that, I think."

She laughed. "You should have just told us."

I froze when Katie said us. "Katie, you can't tell Jax. At least not yet."

Katie blinked. "Alright..."

I nodded. "Alright."

She smiled. "Well, that was fun. I'm going to go to bed now." She hugged me, making sure not to kiss me, and headed to her room. I flopped my dick back into my shorts and headed for my own room.

Slipping my shorts off, I slid into bed. I had to clear my mind of the events with Katie and with Jax, but I eventually drifted off to sleep...

[To Be Continued...]