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First Black Man

2022-08-03 00:00:04

This was in New Orleans, whilst on a week long conference. I had been travelling for over two weeks by the end of the conference, and feeling in need of some sexy fun. For some months my husband and I had debated various sexy escapades we could enjoy in the future, and the inevitable cliché of interracial fun was pretty high on the list. He had no desire to meet a couple or invite a female to join us, so we agreed that at some point it would (maybe) be a black male joining us. This incident rather shortcut that plan.

On the last night of the conference I had seen enough of colleagues for another year, so decided to skip the last night bash. The hotel had a spa which offered a massage service, and I had decided early in the week to enjoy a long massage on my last night in the city.

I had booked a 45 minute session as late as I could, which was the next to last session.

I took a shower before going down to the spa, and threw on a thin dress for the elevator ride. When I walked in I was greeted by a good looking black guy aged around 55 I would guess. He introduced himself as Jonny and showed me to one of the massage rooms. He left me with a huge soft towel, and told me I could keep my underwear in place or remove it. I think it was pretty obvious from my erect nipples that I was certainly not wearing a bra, but I smiled at him and thanked him for the option.

When Jonny returned I was lying on the massage table with the towel covering me from my breasts to upper thighs, and no underwear. Jonny began massaging me at my shoulders and neck, relaxing me in a few minutes, and then moved to my feet to work on my legs. He was a very good masseur and a charming man, who was both amusing and sexy. As he worked deeper into my tissue I began to feel a little aroused after two weeks of non stop work and over 10,000 miles of air travel.

When Jonny asked me to turn onto my front, I lifted the towel and just rolled over exposing my nakedness to him. He placed the towel over my butt, and began work on my shoulders and back, then started on my legs. When he started on my calf muscles he spread my legs slightly so that he could get his hands around my legs, and when he reached my thighs I felt a tingle in my pussy. His work was professional but also intimate, and as he worked further up each thigh I sensed a pleasant tension between us.

When he told me to turn onto my back again, I had no desire to cover my breasts so rolled over and placed the towel casually across my hips. Jonny being very correct arranged the towel across me, and recommenced his massage. As he worked at my shoulders I slowly lifted the towel inch by inch until I felt that he would have a great view when he returned to my legs.

He lingered at my shoulders as he worked on my torso, and eventually began working in my upper arms. In doing so he brushed against the sides of my breasts and then began gently caressing them arousing me ever more. When he told me that he would finish the massage on my legs I anticipated with pleasure his reaction to the view between my legs.

As soon as he began to massage my legs I parted my thighs slightly allowing him a near perfect view of my pussy, and he had barely begun treating my calf muscles when he moved to my thighs. Allowing him room to manoeuvre meant opening my legs a little further again, and when he reached the top of my legs I could feel his hands brushing gently against my labia. I was already very moist, and not a little horny, so my reaction to this was to tighten my butt muscles, and push my lips against his tentative touch. When he asked me to turn onto my stomach again I moaned aloud in frustration.

When he took his position at the head of the table, I decided to put my arms over my head and leave my hands on the table edge. Jonny rested against the table as he worked my shoulders again, and I could feel the heat of his muscular legs against my hands.

As he continued my massage I began to gently rub my fingers against his outer thigh. He was wearing sweatpants, and I soon found the outline of his jockeys. Following it slowly around his leg with my right hand I found a lovely bulge filling his pants. When I rested my fingers there for a moment he reacted by pushing gently against me, so I resumed my exploration with more confidence.

Using both hands now I moved his growing erection so that it stood flat against his stomach. In this position I could explore its length and girth, which was quite delightful.

He was now caressing my shoulders and neck, rather than massaging me, so I propped myself on my elbows to enjoy my next move. I pulled the drawstring on his sweats and slowly pushed both sweats and jockeys down over his hips. When his beautiful knob peaked out I was delighted, and whispered to him ‘That’s lovely’.

When I pushed his clothes below his butt his cock dropped into position pointing straight at my face. I cupped his sac in one hand and began kissing and licking his knob. His cock was a delightful size, not huge, just a great toy. When I took his shaft in my mouth it was a perfect introduction to sex with a black lover.

I kissed and sucked him for probably 15 minutes, as I was enjoying it as much as Jonny, especially when he began leaking juice onto my tongue. At this point I moved into a sitting position on the table, and then leaned back on my elbows offering him my very wet pussy. He stepped into place between my thighs and pushed his cockhead against my lips. When I raised my legs to give him easier access he pushed all the way home. As he began his slow thrusting movement, the sight that I enjoyed was wonderful - his black shaft stretching my lips as it disappeared and reappeared, each time covered with more of my love juice.

I came long before Jonny, but so enjoyed watching him continue to pleasure me, it was one of the most erotic moments of my life. As he gathered pace towards ejaculation, my own pleasure sent me to another orgasm just before he moaned aloud and I felt his cock twitch deep inside me. At that point he pulled his cock from me and fired a stream of semen all over my belly and pussy lips.

We barely had time for me to take him in my mouth to taste the last drops of semen mixed with my own juice, when his last client of the day arrived.

My legs were still a little wobbly in the elevator to my room. My thin dress was sticking to the semen plastered on my belly, and I was grateful that Jonny had the good sense to withdraw and ejaculate over me. It could have been a nervous couple of weeks had he not!!!!

I decided to keep this encounter to myself until I felt the timing right to share it with my husband, (which was after our first interracial 3sum). I guess it was not surprising that it felt much more erotic as a secret, than it did once shared.

I returned to the same hotel a year later for the same conference but Jonny was gone, and nobody could tell me where!!!