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Emma and Prof Peterson

2022-11-06 14:29:08

Chapter 5. Professor Peterson

I was feeling pretty proud of myself when I got back to my room. Emma the tease thought she was demeaning me and controlling me by making me lick her asshole. Little did she know I have been dreaming of tonguefucking her perfect hole since the first day I saw her ass as she walked away. And when she tried to dismiss me, I turned the tables on her by jacking off on that perfect pink bum. I should have just held her down and fucked her in the ass. Then I would be in charge. Ah well, I thought, next time.

I shut the lights, took off my pants and went back out on the patio. It was pretty hot to pop a load of cum across the rooftops. Even though I’d just cum a few minutes before, my dick was still hard from licking Emma’s ass. I thought I could rub out one more.

I saw the lights come on in Emma’s room. Kind of bright for this time of night. Plus, she was naked except for my semen on her ass. I could see her silhouette on the sheer curtains. It looked like she was talking on the phone. I sat in the chair, hard dick in hand, seeing what Emma was up to. The curtains parted a bit, showing the foot of the bed. Emma was cleaning my cum from her ass with a washcloth and putting on a tiny robe.

Soon there was another shadow in the room, a bigger person, a guy. What the…? Emma enters the bedroom, no robe now and lays down on the foot of the bed, her perfect ass in full view through the gap in the curtains. Now the guy comes into view, he is still dressed. Can’t tell what he’s doing, but she is naked and not resisting. Now he is...damn! Pulling his cock out.

For a minute I thought Emma was being raped, but I saw her smiling a couple times while being impaled on this guy’s dick. He finishes, he’s not happy, but Emma is smiling and gets in the hot tub after he’s gone. Damn, she’ll fuck anyone but me.

I was pretty agitated when I went to bed, but I decided there was nothing to be gained by bringing it up with Emma. She is not my wife or girlfriend. She likes cock. Lucky guys. End of story.

We met for breakfast like nothing happened. Kind of. Emma was cold and all business, those blue eyes glaring at me. I tried to keep to business, going over the upcoming schedule in Chicago, but the tension was killing me.

“Emma, do you want to talk about it?”

“Hmmm? Talk about what?”

“Last night…”

“Nothing to discuss. I invited you to lick my asshole and obey some rules, and you couldn’t do it. So you will be punished.”

“By watching you fuck some random guy after I left?”

“It wasn’t some random guy. It was Arturo the waiter and he was wonderful. A nice cock and he knew how to play rough. I liked it. Maybe that will be your punishment. I will make you watch men fuck me.”

“I’m sorry I broke the rules but you don’t need to punish me.”

“Oh but I do. Starting now.” Emma motioned to the nearest waiter. “Hi, do you know Arturo? He was working here last night.” The waiter nodded. “Did he text you any pictures last night?” The waiter--Eric his nametag said--froze. Emma reassured him. “It’s okay, that was me in the pictures.” Eric grinned. “Do you have a storeroom in the back?” Eric nodded again. Emma looked around. “Grab one of your buddies and take us back to the storeroom. Which of the waiters has the biggest dick? Get him.”

A few minutes later Eric came to our table. “Follow me.” We went in the back and were joined by a large man, not sure about his job or background, but he was grinning widely. “This is Ahmad,” Eric said simply. He opened the door and turned on the light. A few rows of shelves, filled with bags and boxes of food. The room smelled of flour and oil.

Emma walked up to Eric, got close and opened his pants and pulled out his cock. She turned and did the same to Ahmad. She smiled when she saw Ahmad’s cock. Nine inches easily and very thick. Without a word Emma lifted her tight dress and slid her panties off. She threw them at me.

“Here, be useful Alejandro.” Her panties were very wet. She got on her knees and began sucking the two cocks, first Eric, then Ahmad. She throated Eric easily, and gagged trying to swallow Ahmad’s monster dick. After working the two cocks to their full potential, she rose off the floor. Her panties were gone and her dress was about her waist. She grabbed their cocks and pulled them closer.

“Eric, lift me up. You’re going to fuck my pussy. Ahmad, I want your cock in my ass. Alejandro, you watch how it is done.” Emma weighs next to nothing, so Eric picked her up with ease. Emma reached between her legs and guided Eric’s cock into her pussy. Ahmad needed no assistance to put the head of his massive dick against Emma’s back hole and begin to force his way in. Emma grimaced, but said nothing as she tried to gape and let him in. I was amazed at how much of his cock Ahmad buried in Emma’s ass. Emma leveraged herself against Eric’s shoulders and rode his cock hard. Ahmad was slamming his member into Emma’s rectum with increasing fury.

“Buh! Buh! Buh!” was the only sound Emma made as the two cocks slammed Emma’s holes harder and faster. Emma managed a forced smile as the men were no match for Emma’s tight holes.

“I’m gonna cum,” Eric grunted.

“Ooofff,” was Ahmad’s response as I could see his balls and cock pulse a stream of cum into Emma’s stretched ass. Emma’s eyes widened a little as her rectum filled with Ahmad’s hot load. Ahmad was still reaming Emma’s ass when his cum started oozing out around his massive tool. Meanwhile, Eric was looking a bit weak in the knees as he shot his seed into Emma’s tight twat. Me, I had meanwhile pulled out my cock and was spewing cum on the storeroom floor.

“Nice Alejandro. Don’t you wish you’d dropped that load in my pussy or ass or mouth? You may never get the chance if you don’t learn to follow the rules. My rules. Thank you Eric and Ahmad,” she said as Eric put her feet back on the floor and Ahmad’s spent dick got squeezed out of Emma’s sweet asshole. Emma found an open pack of cotton dish towels and handed them out to the boys before using at least two to clean the loads of cum dripping from her pussy and ass.

“Come on, Alejandro,” Emma said matter-of-factly as she slipped her underwear back on. “We have a plane to catch.”

“Can I get your number?” Ahmad was folding his tool back into his underwear. “I want to see you again.”

“Of course you do,” Emma replied airily. “But that’s not happening. Thanks again boys!” Emma headed out of the storeroom and through the kitchen like nothing had happened. She was already ordering an Uber to the airport on her phone.

Chapter 6. Emma

“Jim?” I asked the Uber driver, “Emma,” he confirmed, and I jumped into the Uber Black SUV I called earlier.

“Jim, those two pink suitcases on the sidewalk are mine. Could you please put them in the back? Alejandro! Come on in! We are getting late!”

As we were on our way to the airport, I checked my social media, and Alejandro was looking at me. “What are you looking at?!” I asked.

“You are pretty. I wish I was those guys!” Alejandro replied with a sad puppy face.

“You wish!” I laughed, “but you never know, you might get lucky one day!” baiting him and keeping him on the hook. He didn’t know I already had plans to fuck his brains off.

Alejandros face lit up with a joy of positive expectation. He probably running all kinds of things he would do with me in his mind.

“Aww, my poor Alejandro!” I said, squeezing his arm. He seemed electrocuted with my touch and probably came in his pants at that moment. I always get a kick when men lost themselves around me, which happens almost all the time, and this was one of those usual tease moments for me. I smiled with a satisfied face.

We checked in, and boarded the plane, and settled in our upgraded first-class seats.

“What did you say to the gate agent, pointing at me, to get us upgraded?” I asked Alejandro.

“I told him you are a model who has a huge social media fan base, and if he upgrades us, you might make a post thanking him and the airline for the upgrade!” he laughed.

“Really!” I laughed, “maybe I should do that!”

The plane took off, and we both connected to wifi, checking our emails, Instagram, and browsing the Internet.

I headed to the lavatory to refresh my makeup and realized we were in one of those bigger airplanes, with two spacious restrooms by the pilot door. All attendants out on the aisles were serving food I was blocked from view.

I entered, locked the door, and texted Alejandro, “you have two minutes to join the mile-high club! Meet me in the second toilet by the pilot door! Knock the door twice, pause, then knock three more times, so I know it is you! If you don’t show up in two minutes, I am coming back to my seat!”

Chapter 7. Professor Peterson

I had my hands in my lap as I checked my emails. I was trying to conceal the throbbing boner I was getting thinking about Emma fucking two strangers at once, totally chill, even though the two men left limping no doubt after dropping their loads in Emma’s tight holes. I know how tight Emma’s back hole was--my tongue had been inside it. She took Ahmad’s brown mamba dick up her ass like it was nothing. She is so tiny, and he was so huge. That had to hurt. If it did, Emma never showed it. I wondered how many times a day Emma came. And using how many dicks…

My phone buzzed, stirring me out of my reverie. I had been idly stroking my cock through my pants with the back of my hand as I thought of those two cocks slamming tiny Emma not two hours before. Emma’s avatar popped up and my eyes widened as I read the message. “You have two minutes to join the mile-high club…” My cock hardened even more and my hands trembled as I fumbled to release my seat belt.

Then I started thinking. Not the first time thinking too much had denied me a major fuck, but that’s how I rolled as the expression goes. This is probably another Emma tease. She could be doing the pilot in the rest room for all I know, and wants me to come in and watch again. I settled back in the seat, mad at myself for letting Emma jerk me around like this. My phone buzzed again.

“Well?” was the single word text under Emma’s avatar. I was miffed, if not pissed, when I responded to Emma.

“You’re just fucking with me again Emma. I don’t appreciate being dragged around by the nose like this.”

“I might be fucking with you. Or I might be fucking you. You’re not going to know unless you knock on the goddamn door. If I drag you around at all it will be by your tiny Chap Stik cock rather than your nose. Or do I have to pick a total stranger to fill my holes for me?”

Her threat stiffened my resolve, among other things. I headed for the lavatory door. I passed a flight attendant who gave me a knowing grin. How does she know what is going on? I gave the coded knock on the door and the locking bolt slid from “Occupied” to “Vacant.” I nearly fainted when I saw Emma, naked but for her bra and heels, touching up her makeup in the mirror. Her dress hung neatly from the hanger thoughtfully supplied to first class passengers.

“Don’t just stand there, nimrod. Get your jaw off the floor and shut the door. I tipped the flight attendant so we wouldn’t be bothered.” I must have looked confused. “It’s not like this is the first time I’ve done this, Alejandro. Open your pants. I want to see your cock close up.” Emma was completely unflappable. A woman who was accustomed, and expected, to control every situation she found herself in.

I unzipped and pulled my aching member from its prison. I was rock hard, maybe even got to 7” that day. My cock danced along with my pulse, which was beating rapidly. Emma wrapped her slender fingers around my shaft as she gave me the very best kiss of my life.

“Rules, Alejandro. Remember rules? I want you to fuck me however you want, whenever you want and use me in any way you want. But, you have to earn that right. We have about two hours to Chicago. You have two hours to file each of my holes with cum. I don’t mean little dribbles of tired sperm. I mean money shots. I want my holes dripping with big loads of cum. Extra points if you can finish by cumming on my tits. No facials, you’ll mess my makeup.” She cupped my aching balls and squeezed. “Mmmmm...feels like you might just have the goods here, Alejandro. Can you stay hard that long?”

“My dick has been hard since the day we met, Emma,” I said, with very little exaggeration. Emma laughed.

“Okay then.” She kissed me again while rubbing my precum around the head of my cock. “But remember--if you don’t give me what I want, you will never see this pussy again. But before I let you inside me, I have a couple jobs for you.” She turned her back to me and bent over the vanity. She reached behind her and spread her ridiculously tight and taut ass checks. Her pretty little butt hole had recovered from the morning’s pounding. But rivulets of Ahmad’s semen were still oozing from her anus whenever she flexed. The other dude’s cum was drying on the inside of Emma’s thigh, having seeped from her tight pussy.

“Before you can fuck me, Alejandro, you have to clean me up. Those boys made quite a mess.” I reached for the paper towel dispenser. Emma slapped my hand away. “With your tongue, moron. Clean my pussy and ass with your tongue and let me hear you swallow all of it.”

I hesitated. “Yeah, I don’t eat other guys’ jizz. Pass.” I reached for the towel dispenser again. Emma slapped my hand again, harder this time.

“Excuse me?” Emma said, anger flaring in her amazing eyes. “What part of ‘Lick my asshole’ isn’t clear to you, loser? Time’s wasting while you are arguing with me and that cock won’t go anywhere until my holes are sqeaky fucking clean. Capisce?”

I sighed to myself as I got on my knees and Emma bent over again.

Chapter 8. Emma

“Lick here!” I said, pointing to dried cum on my leg, “and go up from there, lick my pussy clean while you poke the tip of your nose in my asshole”

Alejandro started to lick my legs, first hesitantly, then he started to lick more rigorously once he got the taste of my baby soft smooth legs.

“Mmmmm, I can lick you all day long” he mumbled, caressing my long legs.

“Here, not there, here” I pointed to Alejandro, as he was vacuuming and licking my cum covered legs like a pleco fish in an aquarium. I was getting hot and wet from his soft warm wet tongue sliding on my skin, exploring my crevices and holes.

“OK, now lip and tongue fuck my pussy and shove your nose in my ass hole, I want your face completely buried between my butt cheeks” I said. Alejandro didn’t hesitate and buried his head, started licking me from clit to ass in long smooth strokes.

“Nice, keep going, ahhh” I moaned as I started to squeeze my nipples. “Masturbate as you lick me” I instructed. He unzipped his pants and his cock sprung out.

“Here, hand lotion for you,” I gave him the bottle by the lavatory, “masturbate with this, you don’t want to scuff your cock” I laughed.

Alejandro started to stroke his cock. “Good boy!” I said, “now lick me harder, put some lotion in my ass and finger my ass as you lick my pussy and jack yourself off”. I raised one leg on the toilet seat, exposing my ass and pussy further.

He complied and started slurping my pussy in circles, fingering my ass first with one finger, then two, then three, and jacking off. He looked funny and cute at the same time. “Faster” I said, and he started fingering me rigorously, causing my whole butt shake as he go in and out.

“Ahhhh,” I moaned, “I am coming!” and my pussy and anus started spasming with my orgasm, squirting Alejandro’s face. “Ahhh, ahhh,keep licking and fingering, ahhh,ahhh” I continued moaning and rubbing my clit until I completely lost myself and my knees got weak from repetitive orgasms..

Someone knocked at the door. We heard the flight attendant “Sir, our captain needs to use the restroom, hurry up please!”

“You go Alejandro” I whispered, “I will come out after you.” He pulled up his pants in a panic, opened the door to get out and immediately closed it.

“Thanks sir!” I heard the captain, and the door opened, and the captain winked at me and entered inside.

“But, but” I heard Alejandro outside. “Please have a seat sir, seatbelt sign is still on, and you cannot be in the galley when the crew is using the lavatory” I heard the flight attendant.

I was laughing thinking about poor Alejandro.

What he didn’t know is that I already chatted with the captain in the galley and set up this whole scene, before I called Alejandro.

“Hmmm, you are all wet and ready” the captain said, as he unzipped his pants, grabbed his hard cock and shoved it in my pussy from behind, “ohhhh, you are so tight, I will come fast!” he said, as he started ramming my ass and grabbing my hair with one hand and waist with the other.

Slapping sounds were echoing in the small toilet, as I hear Alejandro’s and the flight attendant’s voices getting fainter and farther, “but, but, I left something in the lavatory, I have to go back there”, “Sir, please go back to your seat or I have to call the air marshall!”

“Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh” groaned the captain, squirting strings over strings of hot sweet cum deep inside of my pussy, and I came too, my vagina spasming on his pulsating cock. Captain locked his body on my ass, as if he didn’t want to come out of me, squeezing my ass and boobs with his strong hands, as he continued moving his cock in and out of me.

I was feeling his hot cum covering my womb entrance, which felt amazing, and some of it was leaking down my legs, dripping on the floor.

“I’ve never come this much and this strong, wow, you are something!” he said.

“Well, if I join the club, better do it with the captain, right?!” I winked, as I put my dress on, and exited the lavatory.