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Debbies self discipline (L&C part 1)

2022-08-02 00:00:03

This series is pure fantasies of mine and as lesbian I find all of the content so appealing and exciting...

Please be gentle as I have never written anything like this in my life…..this story is a fantasy of mine and has been inspired by someone who I think is an amazing writer and someone I hold as special to me…you know who you are xoxo

After leaving high school at 18 I decided I wanted to become a writer and after researching different colleges and specialised schools I stumbled upon the L & C school of writing, the fees were within my budget so I thought …why not I need to learn from someone older, wiser more experienced than me..

A bit about me my name is Debbie I am 18 5’4” have brunette hair mid-way down my back green eyes and an athletic figure of 34c 26 32 mostly due to my love of jogging. I am single and have only ever had one boyfriend we didn’t do anything sexually I just didn’t have the interest that way so the relationship fizzled and I moved on to a relationship with a girl I met at work although it is only casual, I soon found out that …I am gay …. a lesbian and will always be…

After I received my enrolment pack from the L & C school I arranged all of my times around the schools hours as it was a night school. The first night I arrived I was greeted by Clair (the C part of the schools name) and she informed me that she was to be my tutor.

What a tutor she is gorgeous with a stunning face and tits being held in by a black bra behind a white starched shirt that I just wanted to grab and lick and kiss and bite and she had an ass that was firm behind her business type pencil skirt and I could make out the lines of her G string which made me wet as well as making it difficult to concentrate on the lessons.

The classes were small only 5 people in mine and some nights I would be the only student there as the others had work commitments and families. It was on one of these nights that my life changed for ever and I became a lesbian sub slut.

I had arrived 10 minutes late on the night and was scolded by Clair for my tardiness and that set the theme for the night she was angry as I had put everything behind schedule. Clair was running through a power point presentation and I yawned and she spotted that and looked at me and said “am I boring you Debbie” surprised I replied I’m sorry but I didn’t get much sleep and she replied that I need to have some self-discipline if I was to complete the course successfully. Unfortunately without thinking I replied fuck the discipline I am just bored I thought this would be better and I would learn a lot more than I have…….big mistake

Clair moved from behind the lectern and looked quite menacing as she moved towards me she was clearly stronger than me and grabbed my arm pulled me out of my chair and twisted it behind my back forcing me to lean back into her….her mouth was right next to my ear as she spat …bored I will give you fucking bored and started to march me in a hurry out the door down the corridor to another door that had Head Mistress in bold black letters on the frosted glass.

As she was pushing me I was pleading with her to let me go and that I was sorry but to no avail the way she had my arm behind me forced my tits out and almost bursting the buttons and my short skirt had ridden up to reveal my nickers and the stay up stockings I was wearing. As we got to the door her other hand reached out and opened it and she pushed me through it, was propelled to the front pf a desk and the force of it had me bent over the desk as my thighs hit it I yelped in pain.

Clair held me there my face against the desk and my tits squashed against it but I could feel my skirt was up and my ass was only covered by my nickers.

The I heard another voice…what have we here Clair….well Lesley young Debbie here was just telling me how bored she is with our lessons so I thought you might want a word, did tell her she needed some self-discipline to finish.. with this my pony tail was gripped firmly and my head was pulled up making me stand on tip toes I was spun around and confronted by Lesley at first I was in shock but then I looked at her and she was a beautiful woman big full tits the same skirt and shirt as Clair but very dominant looking with her hair pulled tightly back bright red lipstick and her eyes were burning into mine.

So clearly she doesn’t have self-discipline, maybe some L & C discipline is needed and with that Clair move to me and cuffed my wrists in leather cuffs with hooks on them and I was forced back against the office wall were my arms were raised and my hands clipped above my head and out to the sides I was protesting but a stinging slap to my cheek soon stopped me as Lesley raised her hand again and I said I’m sorry I’m sorry. At this time Clair was cuffing my ankles spread eagled as far as they can go which is pretty wide as I am flexible, then I felt a pulling on my arms as I was stretched to make the most of my spread legs and arms.
Once in position Lesley and Clair started to strip me…yanking my shirt till the buttons ripped and my tits covered in a lace black bra were revealed, then my skirt was disposed of.

There I was shocked and frightened as to what lay ahead and then Lesley moved towards me with a knife she pressed it under my chin and then said…one word that’s all it will take and you will regret ever coming here..I then felt the knife draw slowly down my throat to my tits and between them I felt the blade press and then a pulling as my bra was cut from me..both ladies looked at my bare tits and nodded grabbed a nipple each and twisted and pulled them I wanted to scream but knew the knife was still there my back arched but despite this I could feel my pussy getting wet…betraying me..it certainly didn’t go un noticed by Lesley.

She lowered the knife and cut my nickers away and I could smell myself …my wetness…I was ashamed of what my body was doing my nipples were as hard as pebbles my breath coming in quicker gasps as Clair leaned forward and squeezed my mound hard I tried to scream but my nickers were quickly shoved into my mouth by Lesley who then moved the knife lower…lower till I felt the blade on my bare wet pussy I didn’t know what she was going to do but her eyes were boring into mine as she smiled and I saw her arm thrust upward I was waiting for the bite of the knife into my pussy but I didn’t see that she had turned it around and driven the handle full length into me all 8” of the handle was inside me I screamed into the nickers in my mouth expecting the pain but all I felt was a fullness as the handle slammed into my cervix Lesley looked at me and smiled to Clair…lets teach this slut some manners.

Clair moved to a cupboard and opened it and all I could see were sex toys and chains and masks, whips, canes of all sizes. Lesley looked at me and could see the fear in my eyes as she thrust the handle of the knife inside my pussy once again..she pulled it out and lifted it in front of my face I saw my juices running down the handle over her fingers and onto the blade Lesley then licked the shiny blade first one side then the other and reached for the nickers in my mouth pulled them out and then ordered me to suck the handle clean as I had dirtied it. She pushed it into my mouth and I could smell and taste my juices on the handle I sucked like it was an ice cream she was feeding me.

Clair then returned and lay their tools out on the desk my nipples were clamped with a chain on each than ran down to a clamp that was put onto my clit and connected to a battery that was nearby.
Now my little slut comes your discipline and Clair through the switch and my back arched and my ass bounced against the wall as the electricity surged through my nipples down the chain to my clit my body was in shock but despite this my juices were running down my leg..

Both ladies laughed at me and started to whip me and cane me all over my tits my pussy and my thighs I had welts up and down my body….then I heard a voice saying….more please more fuck me make me your slut take me any way you want …and I realised it was me..begging for Lesley and Clair to have their way do what they wanted to me…at that moment all I wanted was to be fucked and I didn’t care with what.

I was untied and bent over the desk I could feel my legs being spread and cuffed wide Lesley came in front of me and waved a huge strapon in front of my face and growled ….wet it slut or it will hurt more..i took it into my mouth and sucked it and licked it as if my life depended on it my saliva was running down my chin to puddle at her feet, I could feel Clair behind me her fingers were rubbing my ass then I felt her part my cheeks and 2 of her fingers slid into my ass knuckle deep and started to fuck my ass forcibly, each time Clair’s fingers punctured my ass it forced me forward onto the plastic cock I was sucking making it go deeper into my throat…then a reprieve both my mouth and my ass were vacated was in a daze so close to orgasm I couldn’t think straight.

I heard movement and then realised that they had swapped places…Clair had her fingers in front of my face and ordered me to lick them I refused so she slapped my face hard both cheeks but I held firm and would not open my mouth…then I felt it the huge cock that Lesley had poised at my pussy I felt her grab my ass cheeks digging her nails into my skin as she slowly in one movement forced it into my……cunt I had become their cunt…their bitch …their slave and as I felt it hit my cervix my mouth opened as to scream but Clair seized the opportunity and thrust her fingers into my mouth forcing me to suck my ass from them.

Once again the pounding started my pussy was stretched like it never has been before the cock hitting my cervix and bouncing off it Lesley nails I was sure were drawing blood from my ass cheeks, Clair’s fingers making me gag, I heard Clair say to Lesley…this slut is about to cum I can see her fucking that cock making it go deeper….then nothing…I was empty again…I was so close to coming but then I was thrown over onto my back my ass over one side of the desk my head hanging over the other. Then it started again Lesley fucked the cock back into me with such force my breath exploded from me.

As my …cunt was pounded Clair was at my head my view was upside down but she stripped her skirt off then her shirt, bra and nickers…she was gorgeous….then moved towards me her …cunt inches from my mouth I knew what was coming as she covered my mouth with her cunt I tasted her sweetness mixed with perfume I was forced to lick and my tongue darted up into her I heard her gasp as I sucked her clit then bit her lips gently my face was slimy from her juices then it happened I came …I screamed into Clair’s cunt as the orgasm wracked my body causing me to shake uncontrollably as Lesley slammed the cock home forcing another orgasm from me.

Clair’s thighs tightened around my head I felt her shake and then a flood of juices covered me wetting my hair and neck…both ladies left my body I was exhausted I was allowed to stand up but my legs were shaky as the 2 ladies looked at me Lesley’s crotch was wet with my juices my thighs had my cunt juices running down them, Clair was a vision of nakedness her nipples still hard as I watched the 2 ladies moved together the plastic cock discarded and they kissed and felt each other. As they moved back Lesley ordered me to undress her…with shaking hands and eyes wide I undressed this vision of loveliness and knew from that moment on …I was a lesbian sub slut for these women.

An object to be used, abused and ordered around as they pleased…Lesley stood in front of me and asked of me…Debbie is this the life you want…yes mistress I replied…Clair asked will you obey every command from us…yes mistress I replied.

That was 2 months ago and since then I have lived at the L & C School of Writing as the admin girl who does all the menial tasks around…not always pleasant and I don’t get paid….but my mistress’s make sure I have everything I need..including…self-discipline